Why I share my faith

kneel and pray

“This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief.”  1 Timothy 1:15

One thing I know about me is that my voice carries.  What the Lord has shown me is how far.  We tend to forget that when we are out here in the middle of the world wide web.  This is the “what” of this place, to carry the voice of Grace.  My “why” is…because I don’t know who needs to hear.

I was reading in Psalm 91 today and praying protection over my missionary friends and I got to the end of the verse and there was a line that jumped off the page.  In one line, and since I am a wordsmith, I often get a ton of meaning through just a few words.  God’s Word is my saving grace and perhaps today it could be yours.

I share my faith here is because I don’t know who needs to hear grace today.  There’s a story about Oswald Chambers who, before a big speech, wanted to check the acoustics of the venue that he was speaking in.  He wanted to make sure his voice carried well to all the corners as a large attendance was expected.  The year was 1857.  Standing on the stage he quoted a verse (the one above) from the very spot in which he would being making his speech the next day.  He seemed satisfied with the test and then left to go rest.

Little did Chambers know at the time of the test who needed to hear that verse.  Behind one of the statues inside the venue, a humble worker was kneeling, hiding, and battling depression.  The worker couldn’t find the words to pray, his heart was breaking with guilt and shame, and he couldn’t even cry out with a “help”.  Just as he keeled in silence, a voice boomed from every corner.

“This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief.”  1 Timothy 1:15 …was the worker’s saving grace-filled words.  Grace carried and bounced through space to bring him hope that day.  From one voice to his hurting heart, he converted to Christ.  Little did Oswald Chambers know that the man was hiding, little did Chambers know his hurt.  Nor do I know who is hiding behind this screen right now.

What I do know is that this one verse speaks truth, and shows us God’s grace.  Chambers didn’t waste his opportunity to speak grace into someone’s life.  I think about anything that Chambers could have offered as a test of the microphone and acoustical sound.  He could have said anything, but because God was his everything, he was ready to speak grace everywhere.  Even in such an empty place, because friends, you just never know who is listening.

We have the most worthy of grace, the words of healing, the most significant of sayings to share.  Don’t miss your opportunity to share grace as your life has been spared.  Because you don’t know who is listening that needs that same long drink of grace, mercy and healing.

This is the “why” my talk lines up with God’s walk!

So as this line jumped into my heart (again) ….“I’ll give you a long life, give you a long drink of salvation.”  Psalm 91:16.  Would you do something for me today?  Let your mind go to your own empty place and and imagine what the tallest drink of refreshment looks like.  A tall glass of water, tea, koolaid, or whatever your pleasure is.  Now let your mind go to the refreshing qualities of that drink.  It’s cold, icey, endless.  You’ve just come in from a hot summer’s day, and are sooooo thirsty.  Your inmost parts feel like a dry, sandy desert and you need a drink, a long drink that quenches your thirst.  God’s Word is like this long of a drink you are thinking of right now.  Take a taste and let it flow down your throat, hit your stomach, accept it as a substance of truth and let it refresh you in a way that is so quenching.

His saving grace message is worthy, acceptable and true.  Whatever empty place you are hiding right now there is only one Grace that can fill your needs, it’s God’s saving grace, Christ Jesus.  Because I don’t know who’s reading.


Living your real life online

We are on a stage with some kind of audience. With the current explosion of social networking there is a bigger “stage” to project our lives. Your stage is as mine and the choice to be real is the same. Our lives should be a reflection of Christ. So the challenge is to make each moment count making each tweet and status update matter.
I like to follow the Five “R’s” as my rule when sharing online:  Real ~ Relevant ~ Reaching ~ Ready ~ Responsible
“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7

Being real in today’s world is a challenge.  We project that we have it all together. Now that we are saved, life as we know it is grand and problem free. Get real….nothing is further from the truth.  Being real with the personal struggles in our own lives is one way we can connect with those who need to know the answers. Don’t make judgmental barriers with those who need grace because you are afraid to expose your inner struggles with someone who might grow through yours. And drop the expectation that new Christians are supposed to act like mature Christians. Stop that!

Being relevant in today’s world is important.  We must know our culture without embracing the practices so that we can connect with those who are seeking truth. I think there is tremendous amount of opportunity online, with tremendous responsibilities to shine God’s light in a dark, obsessive, and possessive world by connecting in manners that are pure and encouraging. The boundaries are individual for each one of us.  We each have lines we can’t cross nor shouldn’t cross. Let God’s truth be your guide as you lead and engage people to Jesus.

Be reaching in your own faith journey. How to be the best witness to all 5000+friends on Facebook? Speak grace, speak the truth in love. Give godly encouragement and seek wise counsel. Be known for righteousness and truth. Don’t waiver on your beliefs, stand firm on your faith foundation. If the life you are living isn’t impacting those around you, it might be because your life doesn’t look much different than theirs. If you are of the sharing nature, your change will spill out to others who are reading your status updates, your tweets, your blogs.

Be ready with why God makes a difference to you. If God has truly impacted your life, you should be as excited as the latest shoe store sale or new nail color at your local salon. You don’t have to sugar coat your story with whipped cream and cherries.  Changed people change people (in cooperation with the Holy Spirit). God’s grace and mercy don’t need any more adjectives to taste delicious, it stands alone as a brilliant message.

Be responsible with your opportunities. God has changed your life, so what? Are we supposed to sit on that message and just count down the days until we die and go to heaven? No. God saves a place for us in Heaven yes, and counts our days to be sure. But He wants to build His kingdom here on earth and entrusts the gospel message with believers to bring others alongside to know Jesus too.  It’s not just about Who we are following but it’s also about who we are leading and who’s following us.

People are watching us that is for sure. We must stand for truth; let your truth shine out the Light. Light trumps the darkness every time. Plastic lives only build barriers.

How do you use your social network to connect for Christ?