Living a life of stillness in this busy world


Friends, let’s be honest on this day, today.  My  heart is heavy with stuff.  Yeah, I try to put it all together out there for others to see, flawless and whole.  But that’s not me.  I’ve been honest with myself and have taken a long look at what my life what it is about.  In this busy life we call ours, it’s really becoming a management of one urgent crisis or another.

My shoulders are heavy and tired and weak.

“Lord, I lift my burdens to You alone and I lay them down at your feet.  Will you give me some simplicity today?”  I prayed those words the other day.  I simply put it all out there for God to hear.  Liberation came in just in the confessing and I realized that I was trying to do things on my own.

Immediately, I was convicted of some false insecurities that continue to rise up (in my soul and spirit) and drag, weigh, and bear down upon my mind.  My problems, my cares, my duties, my hopes, my dreams were anchored in my own efforts.  “Wait…I thought to myself…I have freedom in those areas.”  Or at least I thought I did.

In the confessing, I realized I was trying to create a comfortable life for myself and my feelings.  On top of that, I also realized that I was covering my life with right “to-do’s” or tasks and such but I was forgetting about the one important thing needed.  Can we just be honest today?  Aren’t there those days we all face, where it takes this kind of realization to see where you need to grow in your simplicity of managing life?

What I heard back from God, (yes, I know it was His voice) was “Will you just walk with Me?”.  

There were a lot of tears involved in the process.  Then I remembered a season in my life that I used to cry often everyday and all day.  My life was full of regret of a list of things that I never accomplished.  My next thought became one of rejoicing because of a major shift and many changes that have occured in the recent years of  my life.  I don’t live a life of regret-filled days anymore.

I rejoiced in the fact that those days of regret are over and now I can choose to adopt the pace of God, my Father, in the life of my today.  If I could let you into my brain for a moment, there’s a stillness that needs to happen inside of your thoughts that causes you to choose your best life in considerations of what you have around you, the blessings in life instead of the regrets of life.  (I am realizing this lifestyle goes deeper than your task list or the things you think about any morning like…”I’m behind on so many things!” kind of thinking.)

Now I’m getting stuck in the multiple list of thoughts that come rising up in a woman’s mind especially when she feels behind, unfulfilled and a list of unmet needs are left open in her life.  Okay, now back to the choosing.

There has to be season that as you are emptying your life of what it isn’t, and there is a choice to rejoice in what it is.  In the choosing to accept the rejoicing, the living, the owning your life, the doing of life, you must celebrate with what you have, and begin believing that anything is possible with God in the middle of it all.

There I said it, not simply said, because life isn’t like that.  At all.  It’s complicated, full of tensions, stresses, and problems.  But when we confess that we can’t do life without God, then that’s when the miracles start happening.  In that way of thinking, you have to admit there is more than what God has intended FOR you and designed you for and you MUST surrender the controls over to HIM.  He knows what is best and right and good FOR you.  He knows how big your tiny shoulders are.  He knows your capacity for loads and He hasn’t forgotten your to-do list.  He put the passions inside of you to accomplish what He has designed you for.

He hasn’t forgotten where He has put those things.  Have you forgotten where your strength comes from?  I did.  I honestly thought…”okay God, I can do this (believing that I had to do what He has called me to do on my own.)  That’s not right honestly, because I need God to accomplish what HE has put inside of me to do and what HE wants to purpose in my life.

Simply said, I need Jesus every hour of the day to live.  Honestly, this IS the life I am in (and I don’t know how it is with you).  I need Him to carry me, to help me choose what I need to be doing, to carry out what He wants me to do, and most days I am overwhelmed simply by His goodness in my life.  I am complicated, full of tensions, and stresses just like you.  Challenges come and go, but I can’t live or exist as His much loved child without Him.

These are the things that are on my mind today.  What’s on yours?


The truth about us according to Sheldon

driver leaning

And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” ~ John 8:32

Let’s just get to the truth of us.  We are different.  The truth about me is that my life is different than yours.  I didn’t always think that way, nor did I allow myself to.  There was one person who came to me early and said “it couldn’t be done.”  I said, “What?”  I only stated I wanted to lead people to the heart of God through word and deed.  She said, “Everyone wants to do that.”  Oh yeah?  “Why not me too?”, I asked silently.

For years, that took a turn for the worse in my mind.  I found myself thinking that if everyone is doing that, it meant it I couldn’t do it.  If writers where already doing that there was no room to try.  Was she frustrated with that goal in her life and was she tired of trying to prove it to the writing world?  If so, then I why should I even consider doing the same?

I believe that God puts things inside of us to make a difference in our worlds.  I write mostly because it’s my way of expression of what has happened in my life, the lessons I have learned along the way, and the path that I follow as I draw near to God’s heart.

I don’t know how you think about significance in the world.  There a part of us that always wants to call attention to ourselves, to say “look at me, look at what I have done, look at what my life means, look over here, look at who I am!”  Thus the birth of Instagram.  We look here or there, we look everywhere for our place to make a difference and to be a difference maker.  Have you ever considered your significance was set long ago?  Did you know that you too are significant FROM the middle of God’s heart?

Maybe you have let go of a dream that seems unattainable.  There are ideas in your mind that seem huge and grandeur.  You just need some attention and you are looking everywhere to make your little niche in the world, hoping secretly someone, anyone, will notice you.  I don’t know about you but I know what all those feelings feel like.  There were years that I mourned the loss of my dreams, in fact, the desire to blog at all died a little.  Guess what?  My numbers tanked.

So what’s the point of this little letter to you? When it comes to dreams, goals, and the desires of your heart, there is only one Person that knows you better than you know yourself.  Goodness, I am so thankful that I didn’t listen to one person’s opinion.

I am so glad that I didn’t have the math seed planted inside of me also.  This idea seems a bit trite doesn’t it?  From where I sit, there are so many people proving themselves by the numbers.  From what I see, THAT is a highly competitive field where there is no place for a newbie like me.  Science, math, and the proving of all things theory related enters the realm of discovery that is bursting at the seams.  Honestly I’ll let Sheldon handle those issues.  (Big Bang Theory)

The truth about us is that God has placed seeds of Himself inside of us that are unique to just us.  Life travels across our lives and gives out big doses of discouragement and failure everywhere.  I have found out that it’s about your perspective about those failures that take a toll on your life.  My writing mentor, a published author of now four titles, says struggling with these desires to do what you think you are to do in this life is normal.

We don’t talk about that though.  What if you knew the truth about us deep thinkers who can’t comprehend math problems?  Does that make us less significant?  Where are the most popular, the most important, the highest read blogs, the biggest elephants, the giants?  Where are the creative thinkers in this world that flunked High School English?

There is a place in this world for warriors of the Word.  I’ve always wanted to prove that I was normal.  For years, I’ve lived an extreme lifestyle by living in obesity.  Living in extremes on the outside of my life is really an indicator of what is churning on the inside.  Yes, I’ve lived my share of rejection, cancer, medical crisis after medical crisis, oppression, slavery, intimidation, etc.  Many outside hindrances that have stabbed my desires to behave or react one way or another.

The truth about me that when I wanted to find who I was in this world, and step into my destiny, the biggest hindrance was me and what I believed about me.  I had forgotten who God was in my desires and delights.  Could that be true about you?

We have nothing to prove in this world except how to love to others.  

It’s all about God.  The truth about us is that we want the world to know more about us, than about God.  That’s why we live those happy-joy-joy-lives in the virtual world on Facebook and Pinterest.  That’s why when we dress for the day, we put on our contentment masks and act all happy significant and confident.  We want people to look at what WE are doing over what God is doing in us.  It’s is a dog-eat-dog world out there in three exact words, I would guess even Sheldon knows that.

“I have to prove myself to the world, because that is the only way I will gain importance and significance.” ~ lair, lair pants on fire! some old wise proverbial thinker.  When we are clamoring to say, “Look at what I have done!”  aren’t we are calling attention to ourselves, and not expressing God’s true heart for the world?.  Does God keep a list or a tally of the numbers, the gains, the faults, the flaws, and the failures?

When we are seeking the heart of God, His approval and significance is all we need.  Perhaps that person was right when she said, “Everyone wants to do that.”  Yeah, in fact, I believe there are more wanting to express themselves over the Perfect Love in this world.  There are certainly many preachers, teachers, and wannabes.  But when you are proving your significance about yourself, honestly I don’t want any part in that role.

The world is already full of empty hearts showing off.  The world is full of those spouting opinions for their right to be right or heard.  There are already plenty of voices that demand attention in ways that are gaining the world’s significance.  That place isn’t my place.  If I can’t write it from a heart of love FOR my Father, then there is no reason to be in a place that is just calling attention to me.  Freedom calls us to speak the truth about us, in view of God’s mercy.  So if I am feeling the right to be heard, or the right to express myself according to my way of thinking then, I need to go back to my quiet place and remember where my significant place comes from in this world.

This place isn’t my significance.  That was finished in three simple words, “It is finished!”  That’s my place in His heart.  To make God‘s name known, not my own.  So, I’ll be here writing from my place in this big ‘ole word world, with my only number one agenda, that God is truth.  He is always right, and He is at work in me to perfect me along every path in life.  And the truth is it was proven long ago.  My role here prove His love and significance to the world.

How your life can get better by change instead of chance


“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”   Proverbs 22:6

I’ve been honest with you so far about losing weight.  It’s hard, long, and seemingly endless.  It involves many milestones and tweaks along the way.  In my weight loss training, God’s deliverance has come in many ways but overall God has helped me out of a serious addiction.

He trains me one day at a time.  Daily I consider the costs of moving forward.

I don’t necessarily want to make a big deal of my addiction but I want to show God’s deliverance of hope through it all.  There was a day I remember in the beginning that I had to make a small intentional decision.  It got me off of the weight gain seesaw that I had been on for years.  I decided that I needed help and I couldn’t get out of trouble on my own.

Little did I know that one small change in my life that would benefit so big for my entire being.

The plans or the ways I had tried had left me headed towards nowhere.  But with God He made things possible.  I had to be completely honest with myself and confessed to the Lord that I messed things up regarding my health.  I had strayed from His original design that I was made in, and didn’t know how to manage my appetite anymore.  I had chosen to feed my appetite with pleasure over honoring God with my choices.

In confessing my heart’s cry to God, He reminded me that I was trying to do this weight loss thing on my own.  I submitted to His help and completely surrendered to what He had ahead for me, no matter the cost.  My heart couldn’t take the up and down emotional roller coaster ride it was on anymore.

So my first decision was that I needed help.

When I cried out to the Lord, He answered with a simple challenge to be the captain of a fitness team.  I only made one change at first, which required my giving up of one “vice”, Diet Coke.  For me, I was running to Diet Coke for it’s pleasure and I felt that deserved something.

I know now that my wrong thinking blinded my attachment to food.  From there, God uncovered many other “vices” where I was running to food for comfort.

So I ask you are you willing to go all in to change the right way?  Have you considered the cost of following your desire for pleasure?

We all have appetites for things of this world, those things that feed our inner desires, things of the flesh, those things that benefit in pleasure.  Man is sold out to pleasure plain and simple and we have to choose where to put our affections everyday.  What I have to train myself in are the intentional choices in my life that honor God’s best for me.  His Spirit has a special way of reminding me of making choices for the right reasons.

I don’t know how the Lord trains you in things, but in the ways of eating and being healthy, I needed a Specialist to take over and help me out of a broken place of my addiction from comfort and pleasure.

Change is hard, training for a goal requires work, and you have to consider the costs.  God, our Father, is about the most caring parent and wants to train us in right ways.  The results always turn out for our good and by His goodness.  I had to agree that I didn’t know what I was doing when it came to losing weight.  I had given my appetite to something that controlled me instead of me controlling myself around it.  I had to submit to a seemingly “hard” change.  Now I must practice what changes have worked and what doesn’t.

I am still challenged by where my daily desires want to naturally land and attach to.

On those days I don’t get it right, I go back to the basics.  I make adjustments where needed, and I stay willing to re-direct my appetites back where they should be.   For me this training has worked and I have successfully kept of half of my beginning weight of 244 lbs.

In submitting to change, one beginning decision has changed much more than my diet.

The change overall has brought great benefit instead of detriment to my lifestyle.  Training a child is a life-long process full of principals and practices.  I am so glad that I invited God into my routine and realized I needed help, otherwise I would have never experienced God in such a big way.  Since I trusted His training in one small change, that trust has remained big in my life.  He truly does know what is best for me, and specializes in such personal care in many matters.

The truth of the matter is that we all have appetites that we need filled.  We all have choices we make daily.  I attached an unhealthy love to something that couldn’t love me back.  I was willing to consider the cost and saw the benefit of where my where my true love belonged.  God has trained me in a good way to go about this for long term benefits.

“Your life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change.” ~ Jim Rohn

Small, simple changes always works best when making a lifestyle difference.  Training is always required to meet a goal.  When God, our Specialist, is involved He brings a complete overhaul to our appetites.  For me, this change also includes a new way of thinking about food.  Daily I have the opportunity to choose what I am going to love more…food or God.

In one decision, it has made a world of difference.   You don’t get that kind of better by chance, it happens by small intentional changes the right way.

What I found at the end of my weight loss tunnel

mirror image

If you take one glance at the magazine racks as you are checking out of any grocery store, they will remind you of the image that is popular these days.  The covers boast all sizes, shapes, fashion and the latest trends.  The glossy shines bright, best, and beautiful.  The look of the world is defined by a certain designer’s perspective or glamour expert.

Being defined by man’s standards is always a dangerous place to be and a deadly place to put yourself.  When we focus on what man’s view of how we should look, be, or live up to, we soon forget God’s perspective of us and what we were created for.  To believe that we were created to reflect the glory of God takes practice and focus on how He created us.

We were created from His image and that He is our creator.  If you need a reminder of how God sees you, raise your hand?  Don’t we all?

In today’s world, where glamour is instant, easily attained, and socially pinned, we pale in measuring up in the world’s beauty mirror and fail to see God’s beauty in us.  How many of you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see?  How many of you look at your reflection and only see the failures and flaws?

You can change your perspective and see yourself as God sees you.  It only takes a few new habits to seeing yourself through God’s eyes.  Research shows that it takes three weeks to learn something new.  This won’t happen overnight but it will bring to light what’s hidden from your view.  Hang in there and let’s dig into who God says you are!

At the end of my weight loss tunnel, I had to grapple with who I was created to be.

Step 1:  Begin each day, from this day forward, by asking God to reveal how He sees you…simply because you are his child!

Step 2:  Concentrate on the truth that He shows you and the verse(s) that the Holy Spirit gives you!

Step 3:  Read and pray for the Lord to change your perspective for a heavenly view of your heart and soul.

Step 4:  Reinforce Scripture passages by highlighting them in your Bible and posting them on your mirror!

Step 5:  Write your personal prayers and put them where you need the reminders the most!

Step 6:  Repeat the truth to yourself often.  With a grateful heart, acknowledge that you have infinite worth in the eyes of your heavenly Father.

By following God’s beauty plan, He will move in you to see yourself from His point of view.  That’s a beauty regime to stick with.  It’s a no fail plan and doesn’t point out flaws.  Soon you too will see with God’s eyes the way He sees you, the way He sees us all.  Loved, beautiful, and righteous!

This one simple practice will result in such change from the inside out.  I know you are looking to see you…right?

Why is this so important?  Every person born into this world has had difficulty with identity at one time or another in their lives.  We all struggle with our self-image.  When we strive to be everyone else but the “you” God created, then we are giving control to those things that control our perspectives in life.  When we are anchored in the truth of Christ, we give the Holy Spirit control in what matters most in our life.  We then see the vision that God has for each of us, one of immense value, purpose and an identity shaped by Christ and not by the world.  That’s an image those magazines will never reflect.

How do you see yourself and does it measure up to what God says about you?

What we want needs to change

I can’t even begin to describe how God is working in my life recently.  In one word…BIG!  I tweeted the other day that we needed to “live our lives in such a way that God is big IN us so that others may meet God BIG in theirs.”  Because God is working big in me, I strive to lean forward by remaining in God.

Sometimes His “big” comes in the smallest of ways.  Many times His holy shifting comes in the smallest of siftings.

I think about a baker who has to sift flour for a homemade cake.  Flour, for example, is put through a sieve in order to separate the fine flour from the course particles that might have settled in the flour canister.  Employers sift through their stack of applications to find the best candidate for the job.  A detective examines and sifts through the evidence at a crime scene or lab to bring an arresting conclusion.

Examination of the smallest of habits or patterns benefit in some of the most impacting ways.  And sometimes a different perspective can add to our understanding of the situation as a whole.  A closer look can be most beneficial in getting to a positive result over a negative spiral.

When looking at our own individual places in the world, we have to remember God’s vision for our lives, instead of our limited point of view.  We have to remember this is not about us, it’s about God.  It’s about living our lives in such a way that we are the Jesus that others meet first.  We all have a part in His plans for the world to know Him and to make His name known.  It is about God’s pruning and bearing patterns and about us being fruitful and letting God’s fruit bear through our lives.

But I know how you feel….it feels obscure out here.  It feels lonely out there…it feels like you are the only one who is growing in God and the weight of ministry is heaving and sometimes suffocating.  It’s feels like it’s unsuccessful and unproductive. That’s when I know I just need to get sifted and remain in a place for God to get a closer look at my responses to what He is doing in the small places.  “The key to change is more of the same.”  ~ Steven Furtick.

“Remain in Me” says Jesus in John 15.

When I let God put my habits through His sifting then I must endure the process because I know the results are far worth it.  If I’m not willing to endure the small I won’t be in position to receive the big, however God defines the “big” in my life.  As God prunes the “me” parts, or cuts back at where growth is needed, I will be in position to see His fruit bearing in my branches, or being a place to bear even more fruit.  So even in the way I use my time can come under His microscope for further examination.

I let God take an inward look at me to give me a better outlook about where He is leading.

This kind of sifting I can get behind.  I have learned that whenever I let God align my heart and mind with His, then the divine assignments come along side the gifts that He has created me with.  I have to be honest with you.  Some days look very different and feel very mundane.  I believe that God is bearing fruit in me that I can’t see right now for reasons I don’t need to understand, but for seasons He has already prepared for me.

“So when you ask me what I have been up to lately?” I might pause before I can answer you.  God is into the small shifts of “me” thinking to prepare for bigger shifts in the “better” thinking.    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram all boast about your latest nail polish color, the most meaningful quote, or the latest appetite craze.  What is missing in those latest posts?  The small stuff about the spiritual passion, purpose and potential of our souls.

Sifting through God’s Word and letting His inspiration shift through me brings an element of what’s missing to the “me” generation.  God has great plans for us, but indeed I have to submit to His greatness before I can see His greatness through me.

The “me” inside becomes small and the sifting shifts the inside of me to reflect God’s BIG changes.

It requires letting God take a closer look at the heart, mind and soul through His holy microscope and putting myself under His examination.  Interesting that the only scrutiny that matters to me these days is from God who could never be scrutinized.  That’s a shift in thinking that has benefited large by letting God change my appetite from man’s opinion to His loving opinion of me.

It is a travesty when our lives post about us to a world that needs to know Him.  It is shameful when our words give credit to humans.  Tragic when the world looks at us and only sees us. Instead of being the supporting actors and Jesus being the star, we often get the roles reversed.

“We want to be co-stars instead of co-laborers with the one Bright Shinning Star.” ~ Christine Caine.

Every day habits now include this simple prayer…Lord, You become greater; and let your grace be more becoming through me.  What the Bible doesn’t mention is more fields to work in, but Jesus only asks for more workers for the harvest that is waiting for co-laborers instead of co-stars. 

Let this year be the “year of you”

Over a year ago there was a one line prayer that I said out loud, from the depths of my soul. It was all I could eek out. Strange coming from me who seems to have so many words for many topics. I could only utter what I needed from God in my moment of need.

“Lord, I want to be whole.”

I don’t know if you have ever prayed that kind of prayer but saying those words out loud changed me. It started a healing inside of me and the continual restoration of my soul.

It was the year that I found “me”. I had to step out of my own little small shell and find out what God thought of me. I took initiative to find what made me tick. In finding myself, I also discovered some things.

I am not who I thought I was. In finding me, I also found out who I wasn’t. Once you find your identity in Christ alone, listen friends it changes everything.

Why is this so important? It was in the understanding of how I was made by a Holy God, completely imperfect, I saw the recovery of the good work He started in me. It’s how we work out our own salvation.

It’s how we have faith. I believe that faith comes by hearing the Word of God, not by the works of our hands. So when I say it’s how I worked out my salvation, that means the changes from within to be like Christ.

I am a Christian, a believer in Jesus’ work on the cross for my salvation. His work was completed through victory over death and the grave. When I die from this life, I will live eternally in Heaven with my Savior. This is the Gospel, the good news of God for each and every one of us who believe and confess His work of salvation.

As believers, we understand we have been created for a purpose. That purpose is to give glory back to our Creator who made us to reflect His image. So everything we say, everything we do, everything we work on and at should be pointing back to God. Everything.

Including ourselves, the body of Christ. If our identity is anchored in what our hands produce, then we are identifying with the flesh. If our identity is connected to the likeness of Christ, then our hands will produce Christ.

This is where it gets confused in the world today, as we work out our salvation. Paul addressed it too when he wrote to the church of Philippi.
“Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, so now, not only as in my presence but much more in my absence, work out your salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.” ~ Philiappians 2:12-13

When I left my job of 13 years to write full time, all I had to rely on was the works of my hands and a strong faith that God had a purpose for those words that He put in my hands. I was wrong about that idea.

I needed to be healed of who I was first before I could see God’s purpose.

In praying to God, my identity stopped being connected with the works of my hands. My wholeness is the product of the Spirit and my identity is anchored in Christ alone.

I can’t begin to tell you how this has brought healing to my life. The desire to be whole put my inner critic to rest, and in a position to receive a healing that can’t be put into words.

The one line prayer put my desires in motion to see God for who he was to me, so that He could affirm His purpose in me.

Granted this seemed like such a small beginning and a place you might have thought was already in place. But I realized I needed some help in finding myself. The best place I knew to start was to ask God. His healing came over me so that I could discover the truth of me over my flesh.

Dare I ask a question? Have you ever prayed that prayer outloud to God? Do you need to be healed of what the world says about you? Your past? Your inner critic?

If you struggle with those issues, and seem fractured or confused, know that God knows who you are and has been dying to tell you. When you are conscious of spiritual weakness, do not wait for your flesh to remind you of your strengths. That will only foster false humility and pride.

Don’t wait any longer, but assume the responsibility for your weak places and ask God to show you how to see yourself, as if your salvation depended on it, because it does! God wants to change you too! You have to put the desire to change in front of Him, and His grace will do the rest!

Let this be the year you find “you” and who God says you are to Him. You’ll never go back to being who you were, but you will be working on your wholeness for you.

What do you need prayer for today?


This place of grace

It’s all His stage…He knows my name.

This place is a vulnerable place for me.  If you watched the video that is posted in this blog, you will know a bit more about me.  My story isn’t exactly like all of these women, but I connect with different parts of them to make a collective puzzled picture of God’s redeeming grace from my past.  I am on my way to His becoming.  This is a place is of His becoming and the process of letting His grace become me.

God’s grace is a beautiful thing.  What I am grateful for is that He knows my name when I couldn’t see pretty in me, when I couldn’t see beautiful in me and when I was lost in me.  I was so blind that I couldn’t see me as God saw me.

I am not “her” anymore.  I am becoming God’s grace and God’s grace is alive in me by His righteousness that knows me and knows my name.  The grace theme of my life now is that I will receive all of God’s becoming.  I am using the word becoming as an action word that means that I come alongside Christ to see His grace in my life.

His grace calls me chosen, free, forgiven, held and treasured.  I am loved.  His grace changes and liberates me to live as free daughter of the King.  His grace is becoming, so lovely when we live free in the middle of it and we are becoming Christ-like by the grace He so freely gives.

When we encounter Jesus, may we receive the grace that only He can give, so complete, full and most certainly beautiful.  Think about your encounters with others.  Are they filled with the same measure of grace that you have received from the Grace-giver?  His grace speaks Love, show us our true identity and gives us a greater purpose.

We are woven by His divine design into His image and we are free, forgiven, and forever changed.  My how becoming grace looks!

“For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to the yoke of slavery.”  Galations 5:1

Recently, God confirmed my purpose for writing to you.  I am a devoted writer who thrives on His Holy and inspired Word, as it is revealed to me through the Holy Spirit.  I needed a new blog site to throw off my troubled past, so that I can live as a free, unhindered writer and run with purpose as God has laid it before me.  The old blog site was connected to many negative feelings.  I have grown so much in my voice, God’s voice is alive in me and it’s so strong in me that moving to this new place seemed the right place to be.

Oh Holy Spirit have a newer, deeper way in me.

I am celebrating the NEW thing that God is doing in me and overcoming the negative feelings that my past tries to throw at me.  I am keeping in step with the Holy Spirit who leads the way in this becoming grace journey.  Step by step praying that this new place of grace shines God’s reflecting light of the beauty that he has given to me.

Welcome to your becoming grace place too.  Pull up a chair and let me serve you some coffee just the way you like it.  When we discover God’s grace in our own lovely way, it’s always a place of rest, peace, joy and most certainly beauty.