I am a writer, devoted follower of Christ with an authentic, tender & compassionate voice whose heart’s desire is to follow God to wherever He leads. I know first hand the struggle of making food behave versus your desires.  That’s when God helped me climb out of the sweet food pit and transformed me into a true brilliant beauty who shines the bright light of God into a world that takes empty bites of the world’s view of pleasure.  I pray my story will make you laugh, cry and be moved by the powerful telling of God’s grace.  If you are battling addictions in your life, or there is someone you love that is, there is hope.  You can trust God to make your dreams come true.  Ask Him to reveal the beautiful pearl that is awaiting recovery.  Ask Him to restore your inner beauty which can only reflect the brilliance of Christ. 

You used to hear me as the morning show co-host & Promotions Director on The House FM & My Praise FM Christian Radio Station.  Since then, since that day I acted on where God has lead me, every step has been a journey in faith.  I am pursuing a full time writing assignment to share God’s glory story through the marvelous work He has done in my heart with a weight loss of 132 lbs.  Most days you can find me sipping good coffee and living life to it’s fullest and living free.  I live in Perry,  Oklahoma with my husband, and I’m always ready to trot the globe to serve hungry kids in Africa.  


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