Sowing Seeds

My apologies to all those on my email update list.  There were several typos in the email and I didn’t catch them all before sending it out.  I do know that drives a few of you crazy.  I am sorry for pushing publish too quickly.

Lydia's circle 12Now the exciting news.

I can’t hardly contain my excitement about what has happened from my recent trip to South Africa.  While there one of the missionaries, Claire, shared about a new ministry that she felt the Lord was leading her to…a ministry at a city dump. It started two weeks before, when she had gone to dump her trash, where the ladies search for recyclables for income. They were so aggressive that before she could get the bags out of her car, they started rocking the car back and forth. How scary! Anyway, as she dumped the goods out she quickly drove away. But she felt a prick in her heart from the Lord to reach out and share the gospel with them.

She obeyed the Lord the next Wednesday and went to share with them. They said it was okay to meet and that if a car came to dump something, they would have to stop the lesson and scour through the trash. That gave her permission to move forward in what God had asked. The next week my team arrived and Claire shared the vision of the ministry. Before she could finish, I asked, “Can I come to meet these ladies?” She had the biggest smile on her face and said “Why yes, would you like to teach them a lesson?”

I said yes and did just that. I shared my testimony the week our team was there. Afterwards that day, our team collected money to buy the dump ladies Bibles in their own language. The next week I was able to share again about what it means to be a child of God. They all listened so intently and asked questions. It was two weeks later when Claire found enough Bibles to give to the entire group of 10 – 12 ladies.

I was bothered they were referred to as “ladies from the dump.” Although that was true about them it wasn’t how God saw them. I was prompted to pray forward into their identity. In my time with the Lord with a new name came to mind for them. I shared the potential name with Claire. She loved it. So the ladies at the dump are now known as their new identity.

What is the new name you ask? Lydia’s Circle, based on the legendary Lydia in Acts 16. I received news yesterday that twelve ladies received Christ in their circle time. I am amazed how God opened their hearts to not only hear the Word of the Lord, but receive salvation. So blessed to be a part of that process.

Seeds sown are seeds planted when the Lord is in the sowing.

Like Lydia in Acts 16, once she opened her heart to the Lord there was that ripple effect that took place and resulted in her entire family’s baptism. I see this same holy act coming soon to the new circle of ladies in South Africa. Because we pray, it changes us. Because we are changed, we change the world around us. And because we are vessels of life-change we affect the destiny of others. The Lord is honored in all of it. So blessed to share this story with you.

I still have room to travel to South Africa on my next team to serve alongside the missionaries reaching with the gospel message. The trip details are just that, details, but don’t let fear keep you from trusting God in this new area. If you are interested in going March 9-21 to South Africa, please let me know. I would love to sign you up and take you to a new place of trust to let God expand your faith in ways you have never imagined.

More stories coming soon! If you aren’t compelled to go, would you consider a tax-deductible gift towards missions? I can help with that too! Email is:


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