A Test of Good Faith

Several months ago I prayed that God would search my heart and reveal His truth in any area of my life that needed healing. It was the same time my heart settled down enough to finally right my first book. In four weeks I was able to organize my weight loss story and feel good about crunching out twelve chapters about that part of my past. Most of it had been written long ago, I just need to get the chapters lined up and add some zest and zing to each one of them.

I prayed that God would test me in this project and to bring His perfect grace to my story. You see when thinking about losing weight, the process seems more about what is accomplished on the scale or what size you wear. God’s grace has helped me get out of a pit of habitual sin and has brought me to a place of full restoration and healing.

In writing the book, I admitted some shame in the reality of lending myself to many bad food choices. It doesn’t feel good to say and it’s embarrassing to admit openly.

However in the process of writing it all down, God reconciled my unhealthy past choices to prove within my story that I am not that person anymore. He pointed out that true change is noticeable inside of me.

When I was at the end of my manuscript (the fancy word for chapters in order), I realized that I had let my faith be tested.

Confidence, spiritual growth, and healing power came in putting my story down on paper. The testing of my faith, has bolstered my life in ways I never thought I needed. Putting your faith to the test can make you uncomfortable but to experience God in a personal way it always moves you out of your comfort zone. If God is asking you to be a part of something that is way bigger than you, be assured it’s the testing of your faith that He wants.

You can do it….whatever it is…I believe in you!  Faith testing can be a good thing.


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