Filling in the gap

gaps bridge

It’s so easy to loose sight of what God wants to do in us and through us, especially when there are gaps in the plan.   We want to fill the gaps with some kind of sensible understanding, reasoning, worry and purpose.  Let me tell you that if you feel this way, you are normal.

God often teaches trust, dependence, and awareness of the Spirit’s control in those gaps however.

I find myself depending on God more in this writing season.  I am waiting for God to move as I present my best work.  Waiting upon God is letting His perfect timing have its way. Waiting with peace brings a closure to the gaps.

Waiting with expectancy is different than waiting with expectations.

The less wondering I do about it all, the more the gaps are filled with patience, peace and provision.  My worry gaps are filled with peace and trust bridges over troubled waters.  My questions are bridged with understanding and His verses speak holy patience into my heart.  My empty gaps are filled with more prayer and seeking God in my empty places.

Pressing myself through those thin places to see more of who He is.  By doing this I give myself more opportunities to seek Him in a new way over old habits of fretting.  If I rely on my own strength or dependency I often I miss Him.

Have I told you that I don’t make a very good “waiter”?  The gaps help in my being more diligent in the time.  I think that waiting upon the Lord needs to be my constant thing.

My gaps are filled with His fullness.  I’ll take His fullness over my emptiness any day.  How about you?

I have stopped dragging my impatient heart with my list of dreams along.  God has been reminding me that His changes are right, good and needed in His perfect time.  I have to trust that He watches over me from His position of goodness.  Why would I want to run from that?

Don’t miss the gaps with your heart full of selfish expectations but rather come with an expectancy in your heart.  God has heard your anxious words.  God has heard what your soul can’t say.  God sees you, He is in control and knows what is going on with you and me.  When I think about how nothing catches Him by surprise, then these gaps that we could be experiencing are holy pauses that are well timed by His hand.

Ever think about how God creates gaps so that we will spend more time asking the Giver of our days?  There is power in making one change at a time when you are letting God have dominion over your life.  I laid it all out on the table again, letting God have my entire dream timetable.  In doing so, I have dropped my need to see the details and bringing God to the forefront.  I must practice letting Him bear His fruit in my life.

I can trust Him with fruit bearing in the perceived gaps.  It’s not what it looks like from here, the distance is shorter that it appears.  Yet i know it takes years to realize.  There is a divine order to things over what the world teaches within it’s shallow mentality.

Deep calls to deep in gaps of high places, low valleys, and all the in between.  There are those of you who are looking for a deeper walk.  That’s where I am headed.  Follow along if you are bold enough to trust where I have been.  I can’t go the ordinary way any longer.  I’m headed for virgin territory.  The problem with gaps is the closure, the ending.  The problem with an unclear vision, you can’t see the results.  The problem with the gaps is that God is still working on yours.  The problem with waiting is that we can’t see where there is hope.  The problem with us is that we want to escape change any which way we can.

The problem in seeing God in our changes is we have lost sight that He is Hope.

Changes train us to be set apart for more changes.  One change at a time is a binding and training ground, and stirring of our hearts for more changes.  A transformation happens when you believe that His changes will be made in His time to bring His fruit and to be set apart for his service.  No turning back to see what gaps are closed or what gaps are ahead.  Just keep looking forward.  There are no gaps in a focused hope.

How do you wait best?


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