I need your help!

two boys

If you know me, you know that Africa is and always will be near and dear to my heart. You might wonder why and it’s because that is where God gave me a vision to be an advocate for those who don’t have a voice.

I will always go back to see how God’s children are doing there. It means that much to me to do so. Plus I have some great long term missionary friends who have answered the call to missions and are walking in their calling of the missionary lifestyle. Each of these couples have shown an outstanding service to the African community based on their personal faith and love for people. Their service is admirable to say the least.

So Africa, yeah it’s important to me and God continues to send me back there. In fact, I am returning to South Africa in about 40 days from now. My mind wanders back to the question I asked a facilitator at a CarePoint once. I asked her, “What would happen if Children’s Cup wasn’t in this neighborhood?” She quickly replied without hesitation, “These kids would all be hoodlums!”

Something broke further inside when I heard her response. It’s actually a bigger part of a continual breaking every time I hear stories of kids in less fortunate circumstances that just need a hand up. Children’s Cup is organizing their annual Back2School campaign and I signed up right away to be a champion for them. But I am running out of time and I need your help.

I realize you have gone to all the work to care for your own kiddos with new crayons, shoes, and notebooks, etc. You probably even bought a new backpack or two as well. School supplies aren’t cheap but education is somewhat free here, we have fees too but we have the income to match. Unlike education in Africa, after the third grade, school fees amount to $150 per student per year. And if parents are deceased, or away, or out of a child’s life there is no income to support them in education, nor no one to pick up the slack of the fees. Education is taken for granted here. We have to go to school. In Africa, kids get to go to school. Having an education means hope to get out of a cycle of poverty. It means a hope and future. Children’s Cup cares about African Children’s hope and futures and are trying to help raise money to rescue the education of a child.

Providing help for school fees lessens a parents agony for their children.  Some kids are forced to sell their bodies to get the money.  I can’t imagine thinking about that choice.  I can’t.  That’s why I am compelled to help.

Can you help? Here’s a link to be a part of an African child’s future.. Please hear my heart in this, I get nothing in return for helping. I won’t even get to meet many of them, but I know the power of an investment in a child’s future can make a huge difference. I’ve seen the difference. And it’s left an unforgettable mark on my life to care for God’s children in Africa too.

Thank you and thanks for making a difference in the life of a child. Taking care of God’s own is everyone’s job no matter where they live.

Here’s the link to help.


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