Celebrating a new love and change

mountain top view

I love to read the Bible. I love to encourage others. This part of who I am won’t ever change.

I’ll blame this on the “Pioneer Woman” on the Food Network, and a hike on a mountain.  When considering your life, and since I took some time to examine my own, it often occurs to me that we are each uniquely placed in our own lives, family, surroundings, and roots for a reason. All of these beautiful ingredients make us who we really are deep inside.

Many times though it looks like on the outside like a fallen purple angel food birthday cake that was half baked in my own kitchen.  In contrast to the Pioneer Woman and her cooking up awesome dishes from her cooking lodge, well, in her nice clean put together studio kitchen, every dish it comes out smelling lovely.  Honestly, my life isn’t so neat, or clean, or orderly.

My life is not spectacularly extravagant, but it is unique.  And there is something about crossing a milestone birthday that makes you stop and think, well, what’s next?  Just when I thought I was at the end of many things or one something, God tells me to go take a hike.  There are some great things to be learned by looking at your life and doing it from the top of a mountain.

What I received was a new perspective of even more of a bigger vision for my life.  God is intimately involved in all your mountaintop moments and the moments that send you into the valleys.

Imagine me yelling with all my girl lung power this statement.  “I am all that is woman!”  My friend Carder Price did that victory shout out once from the top of a studio building, only he used the word “man”.  He shouted this liberating phrase while throwing a fax machine off to the ground.  The machine splintered into a million tiny pieces making a huge mess on the cement pad below.  It was fun to watch his shouting courage.  I had fun shouting my mine too.  I felt a little Moses-like that day God and I hiked up a tall mountain together.

Something supernaturally changed once my bravery came out.  I felt a inner peace about many things but an increasing or more interestingly an even further deepening to the vision God has for me.  Instead of coming to an messy end, friends, this is only the beginning of something bigger.  I’m not on the back side of life but on the front side of the best years of my life.

There’s a lot to be gained by letting go to God’s kind of change.  And there is a lot to be realized when you truly release your freedom to the One who gave you freedom in the first place.  When considering the greater works of God and how my small part matters in the mix of things, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and over committed.  And I don’t know how to create a cool platform for Jesus, but I do know how to lay down my individuality and unique design on God’s altar.

I’m not writing my journeys to become rich or famous. I didn’t quit my day job to become a writer. Nope, this ascent is really about a recovery of who I have always been.  He’s the one who put the desires in my heart long ago.  They have only intensified since I start pursuing God.

There are some days I really want to shout…”So this has been lovely, but now I have to scream!”  It’s not been easy getting to this place.  When we talk about change in your life let me just reassure you that change is good and it’s never to late to become who God has created you to be.  We should all live our lives brave and shout courage.  Often we let our fears and excuses rob our joy in the journey.

One thing I know about God is He is the voice that we all need to listen to but His is the least heard.  I think the reason is that silence makes us uncomfortable and it feels awkward.  But it’s in those “drawing nigh moments” while looking at sunsets, the hikes up 14,000 ft. elevation piles of rocks and the trudging through the dirty jobs that life requires of us, those all make for a great recipe mix for a contented lifestyle.  There was one year that I have mulled over and over that only comes out smelling particularly unlovely and daily it was hard to put one foot in front of the other.  But I made it through with God’s help and in that valley I touched the face of Jesus from my low place.

I won’t forget how just one touch changed me forever.  I’m not getting rich in this but I am enriched by this season that I’m just beginning.  “The best is yet to come!” says my friend Andy, who called it from years ago and predicted that God was going to use me big someday.  I’m ready now Lord, come what may.  I have many promises that you are with me all the way.  God’s kind of promises will go the distance of any worthy journey.

What do you find uniquely beautiful about your life and how can you celebrate that today?


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