I knew when

I knew I was a ______ when…

Ever thought about your life like that?  Yesterday something incredible happened.  I tried a new thing.  And it was easy.  I did it and I didn’t let the thought of it scare me.  I planned, I set a goal, and I achieved my goal.  I did a new thing and it didn’t defeat me.  I started something new and followed through.  And it was a great feeling when it was over.

Instead of it being something that I feared, I just decided I could do it and then did it.  Action followed by results inspires us to continue.  In a matter of a few hours, an idea became a new hunger to do it more.  It has now become another interest in something I want to make time for.  And it has now joined up with my place of inspiration.  

I took some advice of someone who had been there.  I was willing to go the distance to experience it, I put a plan on preparation table and set a time for action.  It seems that this calculation makes for good results.  And now I want to apply it to every area of my life.  No matter how long it takes.  I’m in it to win it.

What was the piece of advice that I followed?  When seeking a dream you have to follow a thought.  You have to be willing to put some thought to developing it.  You have to grow it and let it become something large and attainable.  You have to prepare to follow through with it.  Or otherwise it will only be small and fearful.  It will be something that you aspire to but never take time to do.

Yesterday, something broke inside of me to let me know that I have so much to be grateful for.  I climbed a fear in my new found freedom and won.  I knew and heard what makes my heart sing yesterday.  Every ten steps I was inspired.  Every thought I wanted to think was directed at one thing.  Every action followed through about every new idea.  Every one of my words motivated me to continue.  I know that I was full of something large within me that I couldn’t deny any more.

I celebrated this moment by shouting at the highest point of the journey “I am all that is woman!”  Something incredible happened yesterday…I created an echo worth listening to.  The rest of the way I turned my way of thinking around on the rest of the path ahead.  I started listening to my life.

Yesterday I realized that no matter what, I would write.  I know you thought I was already thinking that.  I was in a way but only as a means to an end.  Yesterday I started a new way to think about writing.  It has become a way of listening to my life.  When I took time to listen to what my life was saying to me, I realized so much about me.

I dare you to do the same.  When you listen to your life you will find the true you.  Oh how often we pretend to be those who we are not.  How often do we pretend to be someone we will never be.  The echo I heard yesterday was an honest admission from the depths of my soul.  I will write for the rest of my days because it makes my heart sing.  It makes my soul content.  It’s the way I express myself.  It is me.  It’s the fabric I have been created with.  It’s my inner DNA I was born with.  It’s the mantle that rests on my life.

And yesterday something incredible happened.  I told myself that to be able to articulate your thoughts in a way that makes sense to me and perhaps a few of you, that it was okay to do so.  I have been listening to my life for years, and I feel good about that.  I feel good about the way this little me has come out of her public shell and said that I am good at this.

That doesn’t mean I’m mistake free, that doesn’t mean I will be rich at this, but it does mean that I can express my thoughts.  It also means the truths I learn and the stories I capture will be well thought out, and presented in a way that will help you.  My hope in this is to not draw attention to the numbers of a successful place or become rich at doing something that comes seemingly easy.  No, it’s not about those reasons at all.

It’s about me listening to the parts of my life that have been changed by life itself.  It’s about the pressing for more in this life than ever before.  It’s about making sacrifices.  It’s about giving up something I love, for something I love more.   It’s about planning, taking action and following through with thoughts I have had for years.  It’s about becoming what I have always thought I could do was afraid to do it.  It’s how I’ve found my purpose and living to tell about it.  It’s about listening to a lot of life-giving echos that inspire me on a daily basis.  

It’s about the moment when something incredible happens in the depts of my soul.  It’s about listening to my life and being.  And the incredible part is I don’t have to be someone who I am not.  I am a writer that listens to her life and have found something incredible.  

Some of you call it a mid-life crisis and cover up your desires by buying a sports car that you have always wanted.  Others of you go by a new pair of running shoes and attempt to change yourself from the outside in.  Many of you color your hair so that your years of wisdom don’t show off.  So many wake up disappointed in life everyday, going to a job that you hate to just to take care of people you regret getting involved with.  I don’t know what kind of echos  you have been listening to.  When you take a page out of life’s book and if we are honest with ourselves we all have a dream of something we want to achieve, attempt, and conquer from our soul.

We all want something out of this journey we call life.  We all have those inner unspoken desires.  We all want our  lives to matter and count for something.  Some of you are afraid to even admit it.  Some on you can’t grasp a handle on it.  Some of you have given up on your thing years ago.  Some of you have let it die.

Perhaps you just need to start something new.  Yes today can be your day where you let new life come back to something that continues to echo deeply within those places that have long been silent.  Let my journey inspire you to never give up on what your life is telling you.

If I could encourage you to just take another listen, you might just maybe find some new life hidden inside of you that you thought died long ago.  Try it just once, I dare you.  What have you got to lose?  Friends, time is running short but it’s never to late to listen to who God has made you to be.  Yesterday is indeed gone and tomorrow may never come.  

Let today be the day you listen long to the things that make your heart sing.



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