One small step towards a smaller you


In less, than 24 hours from now you will be in the middle of tomorrow.  You might have some regret about what you ate yesterday, or today if you let go of Monday.  Because after all it’s coming faster than you think.  I’m here to tell you that Monday’s don’t have to be so bad, if you don’t let yourself go to the dogs today.

There is one principle that I live by that helps me face Monday, and every other day of the week.  I eat, exercise, and live by this:

Choose today by how you want to feel tomorrow.

If you choose to eat healthy today, like passing on that root beer float, then tomorrow you won’t have the Monday blues when you face off with the scale.

If you choose to let Sunday be your rest day for exercising, then don’t eat the extra calories you didn’t burn in your run today.

With these choices, you are preparing to live for tomorrow in a way forward instead of re-grouping or restarting first thing on a already hard day.

Doesn’t our week really begin on Sunday?

You see there are some Mondays where we get stuck in the starts.  There are days we just get stuck.  If you can find balance in losing weight, you’re less likely to take dips in your dreams of achieving your goal.  When you bring balance to your healthy eating and exercise plan and you are inviting over all good choices to your life.  You aren’t living from food crisis to food crisis or swinging from weekend extremes.  You can choose to keep yourself on an even keel.

Preparation is choosing to eat healthy 24/7.

So if you are in a place of balance don’t do anything that is going to tip the scales!  Keep going, keep choosing, keep making good choices.  Keep working towards your goal.  A step away from where you were is one step closer to your goal.

We know Monday is coming but yet one day it hits us by surprise every week.  It’s time to consider the consequence of bad choices today.  The best choice to make for each and every day regarding good health and over all wellness is balance.  Preparation is key when seeking balance and staying on top of it.  And the good choices you make today can help you prepare for a better tomorrow.

That kind of thinking works for every day, for any day of the week and in so many ways!  You are re-training your mind to bring consistency and continued wellness.  No more overindulging because it’s Saturday or Sunday or party day.  I fell into this trap for years.  Balance is a choice, helps you prepare for tomorrow and it gets you one step closer to your smaller you and a more healthier, happier you!


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