How to Survive your weekend without having 10 lbs of guilt

weekend concert

I can remember a time in my life that I had lost up to 104 lbs. but was still in trouble.  I had easily slipped into a bad mentality that still tempts me some days.  When I remember the guilt of those days however, it compels me to stick with it and not give into temptations on the weekends.

Fridays are fun aren’t they?  We tend to think it’s the wrap of the week and the start of all things adventurous and fun.  Especially in the summer, we let our eating plans take a vacation.  I bought into the the philosophy that I could eat like I wanted to on Saturday and Sunday because I had been good all-stinkin-week.

Since we are friends, let me tell you that Monday comes calling faster than you want when you fall into that food trap.

What I have learned over the years filled with many tears of regret is this:

Monday’s motivation quickly fades by Wednesday.

So how do you avoid this constant temptation to let the weekend schedule dictate and dominate your good health?

First:  You have to do what is right for you.  When I lost my weight I went extreme and was very strict with my choices.  It was out of necessity for myself only.  That doesn’t mean what has worked for me, is your only answer.  You must make your choices according to what your body needs.  You know you better than I know you.

Second:  You must decide how to plan for you.   Every meal is full of choices.  That doesn’t mean you have to let your feelings about food dictate your choices.  That doesn’t mean that you should restrict yourself either but don’t give yourself license to deserve a food reward because you have been choosing good choices all week long.  Choosing healthy options takes intention and planning.  Know where you are going and what food is available.  If your choices are limited, then prepare for those meals ahead of time, take your own healthy options.

Third:  Remember that Monday is coming.  Why is it we need to reward ourselves with food?  Why is it that we need a reward for making it to the weekend?  Because…we are stressed.  We live to fast, we eat too fast, we pray over our meals quickly, we die too soon.  My mom, who is 89, has a saying “that we grow old too soon, and grow smart too late.”   At 89, she has lived a lot of life and is wise beyond her years.  Monday comes after Sunday every time.  I finally realized it took me five days to undo what I could eat in two days.  Not worth it to me.

The thing about Friday is we are tired.  We are stressed.  We have worked too much and too hard.  We put a lot of pressure on our bodies to perform.  We need to take care of ourselves and relax a little.  Unfortunately I used to think that every Saturday and Sunday as I danced around food.  I rode that weight teeter totter ride for too many years.  I would obey my food rules Monday through Friday, but come the weekend it was food on!  And I ate like Monday didn’t exist.  Or certainly ate more than I should of.  I am ashamed that I wasted a lot of time in that lifestyle.

Let me encourage you to plan your food for the two days of the week that tend to wreck you.  Monday is coming and you don’t want to start your week with extra pounds, guilt, shame or regret.  Remember you have to do what is right and good for you PLUS you are the only one who is going to take care of you.

How do you plan for the w-e-e-k-e-n-d?


2 thoughts on “How to Survive your weekend without having 10 lbs of guilt

  1. Reading your blog completely sounds like my life! I’m stuck in this rut of the battle over food, making right and wrong choices and “rewarding” myself when the weekend hits or the going gets tough. I get majorly stressed by the weekend…and that’s really an understatement!!! I’m a stay at home mom to 4 beautiful kiddos, which 2 of them are foster (ages 9-14 yrs old) and I babysit my 1 yr old niece and 9 yr old nephew. Most days I have 6 kids in my house! I play and sing at my church and take care of my mom part time. I use food as a reward way too often. I make a plan for everything else in my life…why not a “food plan” for the weekend.


  2. To change a habit we have to think differently about two things: what are you willing to change and what you are already tolerating? When we fail to plan we fall to what is comfortable and convenient. Hard things to change but doable if we change our minset. Thanks for reading today!


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