Don’t let your “mind be mad at you”

lady thinking

I’ve not been shy about what this blog is about.  I will talk about God…a lot.  That’s gotta be okay with you because I’ve got some great stuff to relate to you.  Just the other day, I laughed out loud at the simple truth my four year old grandson, Avery, blurted out at the end of an argument he was having with his momma, my daughter Lindsay.

“My mind is mad at me right now!”

I thought to myself “what in the world?”  They were discussing the opportunity to watch TV, and as his momma she controls the remote therefore she tries to put a limit on his screen time.  She draws the line at an hour tops for the day.

Come on people, it’s summer in Colorado, who wouldn’t want to be outside right now?

The problem Avery was having was that he had “spent” his allotted hour on a show earlier in the day.  He wanted another hour to watch something different.  She reminded him that he had already used up his “TV” time.  Then Avery, bless his little heart, tried to justify his choice.  He stated emphatically that he didn’t really WANT to watch that show previously, but really, really, really wanted to watch another program.  Then he added emphasis to his statement as if that would help.

“Mommy, I didn’t mean to watch that show, my mind is mad at me right now!”

I don’t know about you friends but this just struck me in my funny bone.  How often we realize our bad choices and then try to justify them.  We give every excuse in the book outside of saying “I made a wrong choice.”  We explain it away, and usually blame it away. Don’t we want to have another chance at making a good choice?

More often than not, we choose unwisely again and again and unwise habits soon become comfortable and convenient.  We slip further and further away from good choices, and then it takes an awakening to remind us what a good choice is.

I don’t know about you and how you choose things in life, but I know for a fact that life is full of making them.  God has given you a free will to choose.  Many of you choose wisely and many do not.  Just take a look at Facebook and read some of those bad choices but don’t join into the pity party they are throwing there.

As I was thinking about this funny exchange between son and parent, I couldn’t help but think how we justify our choices to God.  Yup, I told you I’m going to talk about God a lot here.  How often do we mess up on a daily basis?  We all sin but honestly some people just don’t care whether they ever change to be better.  Some do, many do not because they are playing the blame game.  You are too comfortable in your bad habits.  You fear change, and you don’t want to give up something that gives you comfort.  When we are called accountable to what we have caused, messed up or even fell victim to we often try to give blame to a situation, circumstance, bad habit or bad heritage.

I know this all too well.  For years I blamed my parents for my weight issues.  I thought and believed I had inherited my mom’s genes in regards to being overweight.  What I didn’t get from my dad’s side is the gene that keeps you at your high school weight 70 years later.  I often blamed my own physical inability to shed weight.  I made bad food choices time and time again and it took something outside of me to make me change.

I have always wrestled with my weight issue as long as I can remember.  I used to say I was born fat.

There was a day when my mind was mad at me for the wrong choices I had fallen into.  I had to take ownership of my eating disorder.  I had to come to grips with a safe boundary for healthy living.  I had to take hold of my genetic DNA and confess to God that I had really messed up His original design.

Believe me I offered every excuse in the book in the moment of my reckoning.  But through the gentle working of the Holy Spirit, I came to my senses and started to think clearly with the sound mind I was created with.  I realized that I had put food ahead of my love for God and He quickly dismantled my desires.

I call it my miracle, because it took something from outside of me to change my ways, my thinking, my habits, my inner design and caused it to be reset.  It took a wonder-working power of God who didn’t offer me condemnation for my choices, only mercy.  He didn’t beat me up with my excuses but soothed my heart with grace and he didn’t tell me “I told you so!” either.

No, God brought me to His side and said “I’ll be your food guide.  Trust me.”  I had trusted Him for my most important need of salvation so why couldn’t I trust Him for my health needs too?  We can!  If you are thinking today, well that’s all great and fine and that worked for “her”, let me remind you of my miracle.  Today is a great place to start on those half-year resolutions and admitting to God that you messed up is the BEST place to start the rest of your year.

Oh you thought I forgot about those broken promises you made to yourself?  Nope, and neither has God.  But His mind is not mad at you at all.  He’s waiting for you to turn away from what is dragging you down.  He is waiting for you to agree with Him that you can’t do this alone.  He is waiting for you to see Him as your choice in all things.  He is waiting for you to TRUST Him in all your choices.

He is waiting….don’t let your mind be mad at you later.  The last thing you want to deal with is years and years of regret like I did.  That will really tick you off!


2 thoughts on “Don’t let your “mind be mad at you”

  1. Love this one, too! I think I am going to start reading your blog every single day to continually hear the truths that I need to hear. When you first realized that gluttony was a big sin of yours and you needed to change it, did you immediately start working out and eating healthy? How did that all happen and how long of a process was it for you to start turning to God for comfort?
    Have you read the book by Lysa Terkeurst “Made to Crave”?
    Also do you meal prep? When I go back to Norman for college in August I think I would like to start meal prepping for my lunches during the week. I would love any advise you have! Keep filling me with God’s truth! 🙂 I need it 🙂


    • Good questions Emily, and will be tackling them in up coming blogs so stay tuned! I love that you are looking to change your life. Renewing your mind is a part of that, so glad to have you along in this journey, but even proud that you want to change at all. Many days the desires to change and press towards the goal will save you a lot of hurt and frustration.

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