How your life can get better by change instead of chance


“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”   Proverbs 22:6

I’ve been honest with you so far about losing weight.  It’s hard, long, and seemingly endless.  It involves many milestones and tweaks along the way.  In my weight loss training, God’s deliverance has come in many ways but overall God has helped me out of a serious addiction.

He trains me one day at a time.  Daily I consider the costs of moving forward.

I don’t necessarily want to make a big deal of my addiction but I want to show God’s deliverance of hope through it all.  There was a day I remember in the beginning that I had to make a small intentional decision.  It got me off of the weight gain seesaw that I had been on for years.  I decided that I needed help and I couldn’t get out of trouble on my own.

Little did I know that one small change in my life that would benefit so big for my entire being.

The plans or the ways I had tried had left me headed towards nowhere.  But with God He made things possible.  I had to be completely honest with myself and confessed to the Lord that I messed things up regarding my health.  I had strayed from His original design that I was made in, and didn’t know how to manage my appetite anymore.  I had chosen to feed my appetite with pleasure over honoring God with my choices.

In confessing my heart’s cry to God, He reminded me that I was trying to do this weight loss thing on my own.  I submitted to His help and completely surrendered to what He had ahead for me, no matter the cost.  My heart couldn’t take the up and down emotional roller coaster ride it was on anymore.

So my first decision was that I needed help.

When I cried out to the Lord, He answered with a simple challenge to be the captain of a fitness team.  I only made one change at first, which required my giving up of one “vice”, Diet Coke.  For me, I was running to Diet Coke for it’s pleasure and I felt that deserved something.

I know now that my wrong thinking blinded my attachment to food.  From there, God uncovered many other “vices” where I was running to food for comfort.

So I ask you are you willing to go all in to change the right way?  Have you considered the cost of following your desire for pleasure?

We all have appetites for things of this world, those things that feed our inner desires, things of the flesh, those things that benefit in pleasure.  Man is sold out to pleasure plain and simple and we have to choose where to put our affections everyday.  What I have to train myself in are the intentional choices in my life that honor God’s best for me.  His Spirit has a special way of reminding me of making choices for the right reasons.

I don’t know how the Lord trains you in things, but in the ways of eating and being healthy, I needed a Specialist to take over and help me out of a broken place of my addiction from comfort and pleasure.

Change is hard, training for a goal requires work, and you have to consider the costs.  God, our Father, is about the most caring parent and wants to train us in right ways.  The results always turn out for our good and by His goodness.  I had to agree that I didn’t know what I was doing when it came to losing weight.  I had given my appetite to something that controlled me instead of me controlling myself around it.  I had to submit to a seemingly “hard” change.  Now I must practice what changes have worked and what doesn’t.

I am still challenged by where my daily desires want to naturally land and attach to.

On those days I don’t get it right, I go back to the basics.  I make adjustments where needed, and I stay willing to re-direct my appetites back where they should be.   For me this training has worked and I have successfully kept of half of my beginning weight of 244 lbs.

In submitting to change, one beginning decision has changed much more than my diet.

The change overall has brought great benefit instead of detriment to my lifestyle.  Training a child is a life-long process full of principals and practices.  I am so glad that I invited God into my routine and realized I needed help, otherwise I would have never experienced God in such a big way.  Since I trusted His training in one small change, that trust has remained big in my life.  He truly does know what is best for me, and specializes in such personal care in many matters.

The truth of the matter is that we all have appetites that we need filled.  We all have choices we make daily.  I attached an unhealthy love to something that couldn’t love me back.  I was willing to consider the cost and saw the benefit of where my where my true love belonged.  God has trained me in a good way to go about this for long term benefits.

“Your life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change.” ~ Jim Rohn

Small, simple changes always works best when making a lifestyle difference.  Training is always required to meet a goal.  When God, our Specialist, is involved He brings a complete overhaul to our appetites.  For me, this change also includes a new way of thinking about food.  Daily I have the opportunity to choose what I am going to love more…food or God.

In one decision, it has made a world of difference.   You don’t get that kind of better by chance, it happens by small intentional changes the right way.


3 thoughts on “How your life can get better by change instead of chance

  1. I may not read every blog post but when I do, I truly enjoy and it always touchs me and my life. Keep pouring your heart, soul and love into your post and books, it’s felt and it’s life changing.


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