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I have spent plenty of time looking back at this video, in an effort to see change.

Take a look here to see one of my most embarrassing videos ever made and posted on You Tube.

Now imagine if that was you.  And that is where I have been.  But God has delivered me from the prison I was silently suffering in the making of this video.  I have been set free.

I am a visual learner and this video brings it home, to my most personal victory and propels me to stick with what I know that works.  And that bolsters my confidence, assures my heart and rewards my obedience.  This is not just about my maintaining a lower weight on the scale.  This is about the change overall.

Upward and forward, with the cross before me the world behind me…”no turning back!”  I am not who I was in this video!  I am better!!


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