A tribute to my Father

diving in

I’ve had 13 years of speaking on the radio and never considered myself as a public speaker.  Guess what?  I was wrong about that.  I never considered myself as one who had something to say.  As one who was a contributor to others, as one who knew it all and spoke about it.

I never considered the power I had within me to make a difference.  Until the day that God showed me that I did.  I have encouragement to share, I have my testimony to offer, and I have a changed life because of what God has shown me.

I once got an offer I couldn’t refuse and now because of the relationship from my Author, I can’t refute the work that He has established in this ordinary girl.  I am one person who has been changed by the power of the gospel.

There is decision that you have to make to be a difference maker.  I don’t think like a sinner anymore, I think like a saint.  That’s not to say I don’t sin, I do.  But my goal everyday is to walk in the newness of the gospel, to walk in the newness of my committed faith, and that means I will walk away FROM my sin that holds my freedom back.

I am an approved workman.  I am His masterpiece, I am His poetic voice.

That’s not to say I don’t struggle, we all do because we are human.  But the more I walk in the struggles, the stronger in identity I become and the more I want to share in this faith journey that strengthens me.  That’s not to say I’m perfect, but I have embraced my imperfections because of the Father’s love.  As I remember the deep love of the Father, and all that He has already done for me, I want to please Him with my whole life more than I want to please the enemy by agreeing with the temptation.

Understanding my Pappa’s love for me releases me to be me and gives me a reason to open with you.  These days of my perfecting faith are hard, sometimes full of temptations and struggles, but I’m not alone in this.  And I have been set free from what has bound me.  So when I am tempted I remember that the Father sent Jesus to die for what is before me and took the weight of the sin for me.

I am not who my past said I was, and in finding the love of my Father I am discovering who I am not.  I know who I am and I know whom I belong to.  I am who God says I am.  I am one who speaks publicly about the love of God.  I can’t refute the fact by not showing the Father’s love like Jesus.

That’s puts every excuse away and releases me to be who He has created me to be.  And guess what?  I like the Jesus I see in me.  His grace has set me free to be the quirky, witty and full of love person of me.

Ever felt held back by lies?

God, our Father is who He said He is.  I can take that one fact to the grave.  God simply loves me first, and most, even when I can’t like myself.  Isn’t that just like a father?  He takes care of me like only He can.  The temptations will come and go, struggles will rise and fall, but my mind is steadfast on His love for me that carries me through each and every situation.

That’s being the Father I need.  That’s being worthy of a holy fear of a Holy God.  That fills my heart with awe and wonder.  No human can love me like that, and when I fall to temptation, He loves me anyway.  That’s the kind of love I have been looking for since I was created.

A Father’s love that lives so long, and lasts with enduring and endearing measure.  A measureless kind of love that doesn’t compare or complain.  A deep kind of wholeness every little girl longs for.  What a gift!

The good news is that you too can have this kind of help and wholeness.  Ask God.  He’ll show you His deep love for you.  He’s dying to show you too.

How do you feel the Father’s love?


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