When I didn’t know I needed rest

finding joy

It was a season that I was unprepared for and didn’t know what it would look like, though it was exactly what I needed.  I had just given my all at a job for 13.5 years and had resigned my position to pursue full-time writing.  My new season wasn’t exactly what I had signed up for.

Honestly I didn’t know what it would look like except it felt good to sleep in past 3:45 am.  I did have some expectations going into this new thing that God was doing in me.  I was ready for a change.  I thought it would be easy.  I thought it be great and grand.  I thought I was already prepared.  I thought a lot of things.

I didn’t think it would look lonely, or leave me with a feeling of insignificance or make me feel marginal in anyway.  I didn’t realize I needed any rest and thought I could transition to one season to the next.  I wanted to know results to feel productive.  I didn’t think I had to dig so deep to discover my purpose.

This new place I was in was the exact opposite of my previous work environment.  May I be bit transparent here?  I felt a bit weak in this type of rest.  I thought I knew what this was about, but God showed me His more important things to accomplish as I prepared for the coming season.

Have I told you that I have a hard time being still?  It’s difficult for me to rest.  I didn’t realize how worn out I really was.  Emotionally I didn’t realize how spent I was on the inside.  The transition from a very public personality to a full-time writer was challenging for me.  As a people person, I used to talk to people for my job and the moment I left that position, intense isolation and loneliness set in.

I remember feeling so unproductive in my new found reason for rest.  I couldn’t hardly wait for God to launch the next step of His grand plan for me.  I believed it was around the corner, but at the same time, I missed people in painful way.

So I asked God where was His joy in this resting?  Where’s the joy in my feeling isolated?  Where was His joy in my new found freedom?

Because I was dealing with doubt, I re-evaluated my decision again and again.

Because I was looking for the fruits of my labor eveywhere, I lost my motivation to share my weight loss story in book form.

Because I didn’t see His value in my purpose, I couldn’t find joy in my writing.

It was a couple of months in, when I realized that God was working on His time frame not mine.  I slowly began to regain a right trust for His timetable with His plans for me.  My preparation season was my stilling my heart’s desire before the Lord.  Only He knew I needed that kind of rest first to project me into the next phase of this writing journey.

He knew that I need to build strength as a writer, He knew I needed a new dose of courage and He knew that I my confidence needed some encouragement.  He knew what I needed even though I kept telling Him what I wanted.

I often think about how we try to jump ahead of God or try to produce our own little spin on His great purpose for our lives.  There are days that I wonder what God is up to, but I know I can trust Him to meet my needs more than I can supply the words to wrap His ways.

I am mostly left in wonder that my Father, who has no needs, can anticipate all of mine no matter the season.

Once I realized I could trust Him in my new found season of rest, I felt His release to my new phase of ministry.

Once I realized that I was stepping into my calling, I received the joy that He had waiting for me.

Once I realized that I was never alone on any day, whether it was a public setting or not, I sensed His presence in a ways that I can’t describe.

Once I found joy in my freedom, I felt His peace that passes my understanding.

As I draw on His strength,  I am assured of His faithfulness each day.

Once I dropped my expectations of what my life should look like, healing came like rain from heaven.  I saw the fruits of my labor and I stepped into my purpose as His daughter.  I took my place in the kingdom and never my doubted decision again.

It is well with my soul and I’m breathing deep in His grace.  That’s true joy friends, not happiness as the world teaches us, but true and abiding joy that lasts.

Finding His joy in the freedom of your calling is a beautiful thing and helps define your identity in so many ways.  Finding purpose for your life is joyful, finding rest in due seasons is healing, and finding a deep trust that empowers your faith is life-changing.

How do you look for joy?


Get the full video!

I have spent plenty of time looking back at this video, in an effort to see change.

Take a look here to see one of my most embarrassing videos ever made and posted on You Tube.

Now imagine if that was you.  And that is where I have been.  But God has delivered me from the prison I was silently suffering in the making of this video.  I have been set free.

I am a visual learner and this video brings it home, to my most personal victory and propels me to stick with what I know that works.  And that bolsters my confidence, assures my heart and rewards my obedience.  This is not just about my maintaining a lower weight on the scale.  This is about the change overall.

Upward and forward, with the cross before me the world behind me…”no turning back!”  I am not who I was in this video!  I am better!!

How to go from a size 24 to a 4


Many of you know my story of losing 132 lbs. of excess weight.  I’ll admit I’ve been rather shy about the process about out how I’ve changed over the years.  Some of you are just now seeing me in my new found freedom, and I tend to forget myself how far I have come.

There’s a TV show called “My 600 lb. life” that tells the story of food addicts and their journey through weight loss surgery with the help of Dr. “Now” in Houston, Texas.  I am mesmerized by their stories.  I find a piece of my past tucked into almost every episode.

The common theme is that each addict goes to a substance for comfort.

I once realized a long time ago that I was an addict.  And as a Christian that didn’t feel right to say out loud.  I wanted to cover that up, and not let anyone into my personal pain.  I felt like a freak, an odd ball, and alone.  There was no way that I could invite you into my emotional turmoil for fear of your opinion of me.

Many of the stories I hear these days were true for me, I looked at food for my comfort.  I was looking for approval in everything except the right place.  I can’t tell you how long I lived with those unmet emotional needs.  Longer than you think.  Like every addiction, many lies lure you into believing you have no options, all hope is lost and you were just made to live this way.

That was my old way of thinking.  There was a day of hope that came disguised as a dumb radio contest that gave me a new outlook on life.  I am writing a book about I how went from a size 24 to a 4, but it’s not a “how to” book.  It’s a unveiling of my addiction and the roadblocks from my past that contributed to my past captivity.  The book will address my addictions but it will give greater focus to my solution.

I’ve always said that my battle of the bulge was not only physical but also spiritual.  By declaring that, it seems that the battle to get my story out has become the same.  A personal battle.  I’m not giving up in this fight.  It’s that important, so personal and I have realized that my story could actually help one more person.

In tackling the hard work of this emotional journey I’ve had to really search, discover, and find me.  And in this process of faith, I have found me.  And honestly, I’m going to admit to you I haven’t always wanted to know me.

So why is it important to start here?  Because this sin-laden world is full of ideas of who you are.  Psalm 139 talks about the inmost parts of how we were created.  So when I wanted to find out what I was made of and how I got to be overweight, I basically had to go back to my beginning and remind myself of who God created me to be.

That was something I had forgotten about and given over to my own selfish design.

Friends, that day, this process of discovering me, well, it changed everything.  Once you understand the deep love of your Heavenly Father, you too can open a new place in your heart that has been so torn apart by the enemy.  I still remind myself of His truth everyday.  And it’s in those reminders have helped me keep on track with my weight loss and maintaining a size 4.

I am not who I once thought I was.  I am not an addict anymore.  “They” say once an addict always addict.  But I’m telling you, you can have success in any area that you put before the Lord.  If you put the truth of your life before His truth and align your heart, soul and mind with His character, He will change you from the inside out.

This is not easy and it takes faith to start, but God honors every start to change the way He has designed you to be.  And this doesn’t happen overnight, neither did your gaining all the world’s ways.  So the undoing of you will be a process, but you must trust the process.

Practically speaking I had to make some changes.  I didn’t like the failures I was headed for  and I put my entire being on the line and let God change me.  By seeing others in personal prisons, it reminds me how far I have come in so many areas and shows me there’s a common thread our lives.  Every day I have to remind myself of who I am in Christ and how far I have come.  I don’t weigh 244 lbs any more, and am wearing a size 4 in clothes.

How did I get to this release?  I had to adopt these three steps to kick start my success:

1.  Start.  There is no better place to change than right where you are now.  Even if it’s not a Monday, or after a wedding, cruise, vacation, or holiday.  You don’t have to wait until January 1, 2016 to get your new life started, you can start today.  There is literally no time like the present.  But the best place to start is with all of you.  Laying your entire being on the line of sacrifice and letting God into your addiction, problem or bad habit.

2.  Practice.  Perhaps you did start last week and then the weekend came and you hit a few bumps.  That’s okay, we all make mistakes.  Go back to what you know works for you.  The truth is that if you take in number of calories and don’t use them all up in a day’s time, it will be stored as fat in your body.  If you take in the right food choices, you are fueling your body for the day.  If you take in more than you need you are fooling your mind into thinking you need a certain food to sustain you.  Practice the good habits that worked and drop the bad habits that sabotage you.

3.  Repeat step 2.  Practice, Practice, Practice!  Practice does’t always make for a perfect life but it makes for many bad habits morph into good habits.  You didn’t gain those 100 lbs. or 10 lbs overnight did you?  It’s going to take more than a week to get those unwanted pounds off.  This will take focus, determination, sweat and a lot of hard work.  But you can do it and you can do more than you think you can.

What I found at the end of these steps and 8 years later is that these steps work.  You will get tired, you will be worn, you will learn to love steamed broccoli, and you can change a habit.  But the good news is that YOU TOO can change.  You can do more than you think you can if you give yourself permission to succeed.  You have to allow change to be wholly changed.  You have to be willing to learn new things.  You must be willing to stick with it, and you must persevere through the roadblocks.  You have to redo some habits, you have to be willing to be changed the right way.

After all, covering this up isn’t working anymore is it?

Once you have come so far, and you can see the new you, there’s no going back.  It’s one thing to know freedom from an addiction, it’s another thing to live free.  Freedom releases us to live as God has created us to be.  Think like a victor instead of a victim.

Choose to be set free, your freedom is worth fighting for.  At least that has worked well for me and I practice this everyday.

How do you deal with addiction issues? Please share your success in the comments!

A tribute to my Father

diving in

I’ve had 13 years of speaking on the radio and never considered myself as a public speaker.  Guess what?  I was wrong about that.  I never considered myself as one who had something to say.  As one who was a contributor to others, as one who knew it all and spoke about it.

I never considered the power I had within me to make a difference.  Until the day that God showed me that I did.  I have encouragement to share, I have my testimony to offer, and I have a changed life because of what God has shown me.

I once got an offer I couldn’t refuse and now because of the relationship from my Author, I can’t refute the work that He has established in this ordinary girl.  I am one person who has been changed by the power of the gospel.

There is decision that you have to make to be a difference maker.  I don’t think like a sinner anymore, I think like a saint.  That’s not to say I don’t sin, I do.  But my goal everyday is to walk in the newness of the gospel, to walk in the newness of my committed faith, and that means I will walk away FROM my sin that holds my freedom back.

I am an approved workman.  I am His masterpiece, I am His poetic voice.

That’s not to say I don’t struggle, we all do because we are human.  But the more I walk in the struggles, the stronger in identity I become and the more I want to share in this faith journey that strengthens me.  That’s not to say I’m perfect, but I have embraced my imperfections because of the Father’s love.  As I remember the deep love of the Father, and all that He has already done for me, I want to please Him with my whole life more than I want to please the enemy by agreeing with the temptation.

Understanding my Pappa’s love for me releases me to be me and gives me a reason to open with you.  These days of my perfecting faith are hard, sometimes full of temptations and struggles, but I’m not alone in this.  And I have been set free from what has bound me.  So when I am tempted I remember that the Father sent Jesus to die for what is before me and took the weight of the sin for me.

I am not who my past said I was, and in finding the love of my Father I am discovering who I am not.  I know who I am and I know whom I belong to.  I am who God says I am.  I am one who speaks publicly about the love of God.  I can’t refute the fact by not showing the Father’s love like Jesus.

That’s puts every excuse away and releases me to be who He has created me to be.  And guess what?  I like the Jesus I see in me.  His grace has set me free to be the quirky, witty and full of love person of me.

Ever felt held back by lies?

God, our Father is who He said He is.  I can take that one fact to the grave.  God simply loves me first, and most, even when I can’t like myself.  Isn’t that just like a father?  He takes care of me like only He can.  The temptations will come and go, struggles will rise and fall, but my mind is steadfast on His love for me that carries me through each and every situation.

That’s being the Father I need.  That’s being worthy of a holy fear of a Holy God.  That fills my heart with awe and wonder.  No human can love me like that, and when I fall to temptation, He loves me anyway.  That’s the kind of love I have been looking for since I was created.

A Father’s love that lives so long, and lasts with enduring and endearing measure.  A measureless kind of love that doesn’t compare or complain.  A deep kind of wholeness every little girl longs for.  What a gift!

The good news is that you too can have this kind of help and wholeness.  Ask God.  He’ll show you His deep love for you.  He’s dying to show you too.

How do you feel the Father’s love?

What I had to give up to do this


It was on a plane that God first introduced His plan for my exit strategy.  “I want you to think about writing, about being a voice for those who can’t speak, about sowing seeds that cause change and to be an advocate for the helpless and the hopeless.”

It was 2010, and I sat blurry eyed on a return flight home, worn to a frazzle from my past week in the Dominican Republic.  That was 5 years ago this month.  I wasn’t sure in that moment what God was showing me but I realize that was the beginning of writing for a purpose.  “How could this ever happen Lord?”  Oh yes, I could speak up for children living in less fortunate circumstances.  Oh yes, I could give them a voice.  Oh yes, I could help them with a hand up by bringing awareness to their needs.

Oh yes, I could do it for someone else, but I often get stuck in the “how”.

It has been many years later and many miles further while sitting on planes that God has fined tuned my voice to write.  What I have seen and what I know about God is coming together to bring hope to the hopeless, and to remind you who God is in the middle of your day and to walk in obedience to His exit strategy.

I have traveled many miles with many tears as my companion.  This a part of who I am, my fabric in my inmost being.  Travels with God take a toll on my heart.  I am moved as He moves in me and I’m still inclined to follow God’s plan towards international missions.  So my intentions in this is continue to speak to what matters to me.  God continues to show me His character when I step outside of myself.

I am stretched each trip where He sends me.  This last trip to Nicaragua, He revealed more of His character in me.  And it blew me away at how His process unfolded right in front of me.  Today as I sit down to write what was on my heart, I couldn’t settle on one topic.  My heart and brain are so full of what He showed me.  Once again I reflect back on the time on the plane.

God shows us His purpose for what He has put inside of you for His reasons.  Others could miss it but if it makes sense to you then it’s meant for you to see what God has for you.  God reminds me that I have every reason to trust who He is in each trip.  As you are stretched it’s to see His glory, it’s His Spirit that He uses to penetrate His power through your dream mindset barriers.

The biggest territory I have traveled through is in the discovery of freedom in my mindset.  I have overcome doubt in the biggest way which has brought a stronger voice in writing and missions combined.  Two years ago on Jan. 1, 2013, God pitched a God sized idea into brain and asked me “how about I bring your love of writing together with your love of missions?”

So I took up the mantle of writing with God as my Victor.

I’ve been dreaming with God.  And He has been honoring His desires in my life.  I didn’t know how or what that meant at the time, but He transformed His question to a promise.  And that gives my mind the ability to forge ahead claiming new territory that the enemy had stolen by warring with doubt.  God has blessed my faith in that I have overcome a huge stronghold in my life and writing with the mind of Christ.  The mind of Christ is an eternal established placed inside all believers and can’t be deleted.

By submitting my heart’s desire to align with God’s I have found the secret to unlocking the gifts He has placed on the inside of me, in the inmost parts of who He has created me to be.  Making a list in my missions journal, I realized that He has done a wonder from the inside out.  And because He is so great within me, I reflect God as HE changes me from the inside out.  Tapping into the secrets of God’s brings an unlimited supply of everything that transforms me, my family and the community around me.  My world and His nations are uniquely designed by His imagination, His creativity and certainly His wisdom.  This innovative way of thinking is the way God dreams for you.

So I ask you today are you giving God space to do a little dreaming in you?  Are there rooms in your heart or mind that need a special inspirational touch?  Are there lands that God is calling you to?  Is there a new community God wants to use you to touch in a way that can be done by what He has placed inside of you?

Do you believe that God has given you special qualities to create a better world around you?

As I my mindset shifts to His peace, I know that He guides my words and can trust that in my sowing seeds by writing is my purpose and that in my sharing publicly this is of His design.  His seed faithfully sows in my life as I write for hope, for change, for growth, and as God prospers and promotes my territory.  His grace bears the fruit inside of me.

You see, I had to give up what I was holding most dear and close, my inmost being to honor God with everything I had, to give it all away.  I won’t be famous in doing this, nor will I get rich by writing this.  And most certainly won’t be popular by claiming this victory.  The shift in my mindset over overcoming my old way of thinking is a HUGE victory in itself.  By plane, train, and automobile, by running, sitting, and standing, by walking and being in His presence, God has reminded me that I am not only doing this for me but to faithfully sow into you.

That’s the part of the exit strategy that I grasp most days, because He has brought a wonder and whim to my words and gives them strength and sends them where they need to go.  I don’t know who is reading but I know it’s my turn to show you the God parts in me that are compelling me forward.  This is my “why” because I can’t help but share what I’ve seen and heard from the One who gives me His strategy in every way.

That’s how I grasp and take hold of the promise.  In addition, I’m writing a book about God’s answer to my release of 132 lbs. of excess weight.  I’m writing my freedom and I’m writing under the anointing of His favor and victory in a most personal way.

This post will probably never go viral or be shared or but I do hope that it moves you closer to your dream.  Thank you for coming along side of me and lifting my arms in prayer for strength and courage to do what He has laid before me.  This is my victory of mindset that matters big to me.

What is stopping you from dreaming with God?   Do you get stuck in the “how”?

The day I stopped living like chopped liver


This post isn’t about the cutesy title.  It’s all about me.  We need places where we can be authentic.  If nothing else, I have been real in front of you.

Every day I struggle with who I am.  And there are some days I don’t care if you get it or not.  I can’t let your process hinder mine.  I know I am selfish when I say that.  Honestly, when I think about what to share with you here, I get hindered.

Just because it’s true it doesn’t always have to be said, but that doesn’t stop the recorder in my mind to absorb what I want to say to you.  I am nothing but authentic when it comes to what I write.


Authenticity breeds connectivity.  I saw it from the plane as we took off on Saturday morning.  There were lives lined up in the form of houses, on the Nicaraguan landing strip.  Lined straight, lined in a row, row after row of color.

The color of the Nicaraguan people was nothing but authentic.  And they showed it.  And they didn’t care who was watching.  They didn’t care who was noticing, they didn’t care who saw, they didn’t care that it was beautiful or compelling.  They didn’t know that it would speak to me from afar, from the row of 22D from the lens of my life peering into theirs.

They didn’t know the mark of their lives that left a mark on mine.  I’ve been changed by a simple mission trip to witness a colorful people simply living.  That day, Saturday, was the day I stopped living like chopped liver.  This day is the day I get to live life in my color.

Something unhinged in me when I saw their colors brightly beaming from a 8″ x 8″ window into their lives.  It’s easy to look into many lives and tell you how to fix them.  From my lens it’s easy to see your brightly colored life that you project.  But my question I ask silently is are you authentic?

Everyday I struggle with the same questions I ask of you.  Am I authentic?

Since I started looking inward, I have found a lot of myself in the answer.  I once realized that if you really knew me, you wouldn’t like me.  I once realized that if I told my struggles, you would not see the real me.  I once realized that I had to pen the perfect post.  I once realized that if I was honest with you that we couldn’t find any common ground.

I know today those are lies.  I am finally finished with that story.  It’s not that I have NOT been real with you, or not authentic. I have.  But it’s time to show you the real color of my life from the inside out.  A writer often struggles with her niche in this world.  I realized my blandness in seeing the vibrancy of a colorful people. They didn’t care about living a bold and colorful life nor did they know I was noticing their color.

They still showed the color of their lives in a way that I could connect with.  And their lives have contributed color to mine.

I am a writer, a freak about Jesus, one veteran of faith, and a lover of God.  My colorful story looks different every day.  It takes me to many places in my mind and with my feet.  My pen is always ready to record what He shows me, even if you never see it.  And its my story to show the color of God authentically in front of you.

When I record my faith journey I am living the colorful story of God in my life.  It’s time to step up and show you my struggles instead of hoarding them like you don’t care.  The fact that I care is reason enough to be authentic and bring you along in this journey of faith.

We all have the chopped liver stuff inside we don’t want others to see.  Many of you know that, but you don’t let others see the real inside of you, because you are afraid that people won’t like you if you admit that stuff openly.  So how much does that eat away at you?

I’m not living like chopped liver anymore.  Join me in being real here.

Thank you for reading today.  Together, we’re better.  It’s time to own my colorful authenticity. It’s time to let my color out and wave my hands like I just don’t care. In a way that you might take notice.

Something that is better than a shoe sale!

standing feet

We have such a HUGE God.  I know, I keep saying that.  But in my life, God has a way of reaching us in the most personal of ways.  Each morning He is there, and grabs a hold of my hand and takes me through my day in many ways that have opened up a new way of life for me.  I have seen, heard and tasted of His goodness.  I have experienced God and am pursued by Him in ways that have totally swept me off my feet.

I was sharing my faith with a guest on a public church platform on Sunday afternoon, where I volunteer for an online community.  I serve on the prayer team too.  This particular guest was of a different faith than me and he came looking for something that wasn’t available at church.  It matters not what but who he was looking for.  I started to ask how I could pray for him and was preparing a prayer in my heart to offer to the Lord over the guest.

I heard his concerns and not knowing if he was a believer, I like to see how he views prayer by asking a few simple “discovery” questions.  From the guests answers, it gives me an idea of what they believe or don’t believe.  I politely asked if he had time for a story.  He did and I believe he listened.  I started to tell the guest about how I was looking for something once, and couldn’t find it anywhere I was looking.  My story continues to lead them to the fact that I had given my human love to things that didn’t give back.  Then I lead the guest to the point of the story pointing to the person who made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, and how I accepted a gift of a special kind of love.

He asked….”Who is your lover?”

I replied, “Thank you for asking…I found my Someone, by relationship with that person that loved me like I was, and offered to die for me.”

Of course, I was talking about Jesus.

Why am I telling you this story?  Most times when we think of evangelism we think it’s hard, it’s awkward, or that it’s scary.  We have fears, we become speechless, we think we have to be Bible theologians, and have a sermon with three points and a prayer in our pockets.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Sharing your faith means just that sharing how Jesus has changed your life.  So let me  ask you…has Jesus changed your life?  …tell me how…tell me something!

I love sharing my faith, like it’s the latest shoe sale.  How do I do it so easily?  Because I love God enough to get me past the fear of inadequacy, of the awkwardness of not knowing what to share, or whatever the enemy throws by intimidation to stop the Gospel message.  Because of my relationship with God, I can’t help BUT share.  Because of how He has changed ME, I won’t go back to standing on the sidelines.  Because of how He is SO wonderfully amazing, I want EVERYONE to know.  Because sharing my faith ISN’T about me, it’s about His change IN me.  Because I have received so much GRACE, I can’t help but shovel it out to you.

How does the Bible prepare us to share the good news?  By the changes that the Holy Spirit teaches in our lives!

“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!” ~ Isaiah 52:7 

See how God blesses the very part of us that we use to “go places” with?  The gospel of Jesus fits any size!

So there is no fear in giving Grace, there is no reason to hoard it, there are many, many ways to give grace away.  But the real reason I share my faith?  Because the Lover of my soul, made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  And He went first, so He lead my way of peace by His love, which is better than BOGO shoe sale anyway.

Believe me when I say, the world is dying to know.

Every war commands a victory

My husband loves war movies.  Me, not so much, but I do like a good win.  We both like it when the good guys win.  He likes watching the struggles, watching the strategies work and I like to see the victory flags fly.  The other day I was thinking about battles in my own life and realized I’ve made it across many finish lines.

Every battle demands a victory.  Every victory is won through a battle.  Without battles there are no winners.

I have 132 reasons why I am victorious today.  I’ve lost a significant amount of weight and have kept it off for 18 months.  That’s a victory in itself, but then I read that only 5% of people who accomplish a significant amount of weight loss like this keep it off.

I was immediately grateful for the battles that it took to get me to this kind of lifestyle change.  I’ve worked hard to get here and have no plans to go back.  A victory that is hard fought commands that I rest in this strategic lifestyle change.  I have truly been changed by the battles I’ve fought through.

There have been many changes that have brought overall freedom in my life.  I’ve pushed through fitness by finishing a 10K race.  I have stepped past knee and back pain that used to keep me from moving at all.  I have fought hard for a battle ground that left me with 30 lbs of regained weight.  I started a new strategy and lost those 30 lbs plus 30 more!  I have piled up my excuses and put them aside into a place that has been buried deep in the trench of my past.

I have crossed the line of freedom and am living free from the bondage of food.

I am living free….those words mean so much to me.  Anyone who has had any kind of shame-laden addiction knows the weight of these words.  I don’t have to cower behind the fear of those flaws anymore because I have been set free in my mind to see God’s grace and healing.

My friend Mary said it once when we shared some time together, “You are not her anymore!”  She was referring to the person that I used to be.  But in that one touch of grace, God healed my low-self esteem, and boosted my confidence.  I realized that to be a victor, I needed to run free in the victory that He has given me in so many ways.

So friends, I remind you that wars are hard, life is full of battles in many ways, and we fight our flesh daily.  But the battles get us closer to winning.  And as they say in the world of running, finishing is winning.  If you don’t go after what you want, you will never achieve change.  If you don’t step forward, you will always be where you are today.

Step out to find out what you are made of.  God is with you the whole way and in each battle.  He is on our side and with Him in our trenches of life, He leads us to victory.  It’s your choice to choose freedom or to succumb to the heat of the battle.  But remember, every battle has a winner.

Will that winner be you?  Don’t give up!