What you need to know today

I gently slipped her little size shoe off, it was nap time.  Time to rest, and by taking off the shoes, which lay within feet of my hands, they rest. How often do we let our minds rest before the Lord?

If I were to follow myself around with a pen and paper I would dutifully examine all of my choices, behaviors, what I listen to, what I eat, the habits I have, the thoughts that I think in an effort to live out the days I have left with God’s grace and mercy.  As I slipped off that little shoe, God spoke to my heart to say “it’s ok to self-examine yourself to see the changes that I am doing in you, but it’s ok to know that today, you have to leave room in your mind to rest.”

Resting on what we know about God keeps us content to abide in His rest.  

Taking time to reflect is good.  We are supposed to ponder about the things that of God.  We are supposed to leave this time of fellowship with a sense of wonder and mystery.  We don’t have to figure God out.  We can’t wrap human reason around a boundless God, and Infinite Power, and our Eternal Source.  

What you need to know today is that we can’t hear Him unless you rest in His stillness.  The world constantly teaches to produce, accomplish, and make a name for yourself.  To take charge of what you can do.  To promote yourself, to look at the works of your hands, or to take note of what you are about.

“Just do it!”  Just start, and do what you need to do to take care of your “still” time with God.  What this does is build in that rest that we need to hear God’s voice in the stillness or the unproductive times, the times when we don’t feel like we are accomplishing anything.  We need to know it’s okay to rest on those days when we are only planting seeds, and watching for the seedlings of change to take root.

What I know about seeds, there is a period where the heart of the seed has to soften, to germinate to grow, to expand, to prepare to produce.  God’s still voice prepares us to produce and abide in the grace that goes before each one of us.   

Intimacy with God will take you the distance that keeps you “abiding” in His presence, enables you to hear His voice, and keep you in right relationship with Him.  Before we can turn back to Him, we must repent of the things that took us away from Him in the first place.  As we set aside time for reflection and solitude, the Holy Spirit will show us the ways we need to confess and give us the grace to experience forgiveness and fellowship.

Just do it friends, there is no place to start than where you are right now to examine your ways and what is wrong and/or right in your life.  Allow His sweet stillness to give you the forgiveness to get you back on track to experience His stillness.  I too need reminders of restoration and rest that are always needed.


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