When food is how you cope

I used to think that I needed chocolate chip cookies to help me deal with any and all of my life circumstances. Every one of them. Those hot, warm, chewy and chunky chocolate cookies are certainly comforting when you just need to escape stress or worry, or whatever is facing you at the moment. I know..been to that plate so many times.

Imagine that the cookie, that has your name on it, is “standing” next to you. You are holding it’s arm and walking it towards a judges bench. You ask the judge, “Now should I eat this cookie or should I just tell you my problems, worries, woes and all my complaints.” The judge says, “Just tell me, I can help, but I know for a fact that cookie will only come back to bite you later.”

Now imagine that judge is Jesus. What broke me of the idea of thinking I needed to use food as a crutch was asking Jesus if it was okay that I leaned on the cookie for it’s sweet counsel over His wise counsel. Once I considered that, well the choice was obvious for me.

We know we should run to Jesus first, and He always gives us the best counsel when we listen. We sometimes don’t want to hear what He wants to tell us though do we? I’m throwing myself into that selective hearing courtroom session too! I struggled with that for years, until God got my attention and then showed me His wisdom in helping me make wise food choices.

It certainly brings perspective to the things I run to. 🙂

Food is just like a drug only worse, we have to have it, we have to cook it, we have to buy it and prepare it. We have to have it to exist. We can’t make it behave around us. So what I had to do was learn to behave around food itself, and not let my emotions make my emotional choices for me.

I know it’s hard, 132 lbs is hard work, yes, but the choices that matter are worth it, even the hard ones and that’s a confession from an emotional eater!

This morning I just confessed to my leadership group that the last two weeks have been the most emotionally charged for me with family situations, but I was the strongest in my food choices by not making those emotional choices. That was good to admit but also good to realize that it comes with much practice and prayer. Many days I still want that chocolate chip cookie, but NOW I am so conscious of the consequences of the cookie, that I have to be more choosy in my choices.

The fact remains that food is good, and wonderful, and we can use wisdom in choosing right when it’s important to us. Anything can be a crutch when we use it to cope with something that we want to escape.

“God always gives His best to those who leave the choice with him.” Jim Elliott


3 thoughts on “When food is how you cope

  1. really makes you think. I’ve been away for awhile but still keeping up with you. Been going to message you many times but just hadn’t yet till now. Hope you are doing great! Things are coming around for me finally. I just had to be patient for the right direction!


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