Why taking time for the important things matters

Ever get into the new year and feel like you are playing catch-up from last year? Um….me too!

Ever since my trip to Africa last December, the very next thing was Christmas.
Ever since I rang in 2015, the very next thing was resolving to make changes.

Ever since Groundhog’s Day, the very next thing is the very next day.  There’s a good six weeks under our New Year’s waist line for those new resolutions to settle in and honestly I’m still running to catch up with myself and just catch my breath!

If you are like me you automatically hit the first of the year at full steam to catch up with all those things you didn’t get accomplished last year.  I have tried to catch up with myself but often shift into busy mode that I, myself, have created. A seamless cycle of busy, busy, and more busy.

It’s time to be laser-focused on what’s important in this year. I was reminded of focus today from a story that my mom shared about gathering eggs.

As a girl she was honored to gather the eggs from her grandmother’s chicken house. She was excited when it was her day to go egg hunting. I’m sure some days were bigger egg days than others. Wouldn’t that be the way chickens would lay eggs? All at once or not at all?

On this one particular day, it was her turn and there was a basket full! She gathered them up and filled her basket, putting all her eggs in the one basket she had. In her excitement to show her grandmother the spoils, she ran back to the house, in a hurry.  She ran so fast, that the very next thing…

…she fell down spilling every last egg out of the basket.  Every one of the fresh eggs cracked and were unusable. She picked herself up and slowly walked to the house.  Her mom with all the love she could gather, didn’t scold my mom but used it as a teaching moment.

“Stop, slow down, and do the important things.” she said.

Yes, let’s stop, slow down and do the important things.  Life’s too short NOT to take time to enjoy the simple yet important things in life. Recently, God has reminded me of those important things involve the matters He has placed on my heart to accomplish.

One of those important things for me is spending time gathering stories.

God’s important things, doing the things that matter, involving God in the words my hands produce, are the things that matter to me. What matters to me, are important matters to God too. He’s created in us the things that matter the most to us and He has placed us in the creative spirit from His image, so when we focus on the things that matter, those matters are the matters of most importance.

Hope you are truly are slowing down, enjoying life, and bringing heaven to earth with the works of your hands and displaying God’s grace in your life. Most of all I hope for you is that you take time to enjoy God today, the simple things in life that bring joy, and finding joy in the things that do matter to you.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You might fall and crack them all.  My mom learned that the hard way and I try to learn from others.

It’s important to let time teach what matters because no one is guaranteed more of it.


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