One big language change

Research shows it takes three weeks to form a new habit.  To form a new habit, you have to start.  To start you have to have a desire to change.  To have that desire to change, you have to be unsettled from your comfort level of living.  You have to be disturbed or moved to see a need.  You have to want the change over the process to change.  Seeing the results of a change, motivates us to prod along too.

When we experience the reward it’s always worth it.  One day God broke the spirit of negative change inside of me to bring a positive result.

I wanted what my pastor had.

His message came at the right time for change.  I was searching for a better life.  God had already worked the soil in my heart to desire a change and the truth my pastor spoke right to me and kick-started my desire.

His one practice had benefited him large.

He stressed the priority of putting time aside each day, to talk with God first, through the practice of prayer and reading the Bible.  In wanting to change my pastor spoke of all kinds of changes that happened in his life.  I wanted those results myself, and I knew that I had to make some changes in the way I talked with God.  I knew I had to set aside time to let God change me.  I desired change because I saw the lasting effect it had my pastor.  I wanted the reward over the process of setting aside my own desires.

God changed me to be a morning person the day I started talking with Him every morning.  It wasn’t immediate but that one change has made everlasting benefits in my life.  I started talking with God instead of at God.

God changed my language to Him, in talking with Him instead of at Him and making it just about me.

That one change came a long time ago, but it’s a practice I still do today.

In a few small words and the practice of this discipline, change has benefited me in a large way.  Most days I can’t wrap enough words around aligning my heart with God’s voice first and foremost.

When it comes to talking with God, I only have a few words about me but many more for Him and with Him.

I still practice that change, no matter where I am or what day it is.  Yes, I am one of those girls that likes to carry her tools along as I go throughout my day.

To reach a place you’ve never been you have to do it in a way that you never done.  To do a new thing, you have to begin.

What happens when you get to the end of January and you don’t see any results?

You can’t give up or give into what you don’t see.  You have to practice change everyday until you do see the results.  Practice brings discipline, practice like it’s the first day you were motivated, practice is the key in making long-lasting changes.

Yes, change is hard, arduous and sweaty.  Yes, change is different, difficult, and demanding.  Yes, it can bring negative things out in the open.  But God….

When God is in charge of your changing, the reward is always worth it.  Let Him change your desires, let Him work His changes in  you, let Him work His love language in you and through you to be the best you for others.

His changes bring the best out of you and in you.

God’s changing language is always based on His love language for you.  For all of us.  Read that again….

I guarantee you this, when you speak your love to God everyday, many times throughout the day, and hear His love language back to you in ways that only He can say it….friends those kind of words, that kind of change is what your heart desires most.

His Word will and most definitely change you.

So what are you looking to change today, that could make the biggest change in your life?

Perhaps it’s in your love language to God, that needs to be your start to many long lasting changes.  His kind of changes help you practice more great changes.  Believe me, the rewards are SO worth it.

Need change?  Tell me, I won’t tell..but One.


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