Today is a good day to have a good day

I have a journal that has this encouragement spanning it’s spine.  “Let it be today”.  On the front cover it says,

“Sometimes your life is defined by a single moment.  Let it be today.  Go boldly in the direction of your dreams.”

It’s about this time of month of trying, that new motivations begin to lose grip on your resolutions.  God has been teaching me one thing about today.  Today is not a restart if you tried yesterday.  Tomorrow won’t be a restart if you tried today.

Everyday is full of choices full of steps that will take you closer to where you want to be or back to where you have been.  I went back into my journal to read where I was 365 days ago.  I chose to have a good day that day.  I woke up at 3:30 a.m. with an attitude of gratitude.  What’s amazing is at that time of day I was so thankful.  After reading what I wrote I was even more thankful that I chose to move from that place where I was.

A first choice of that day was to make it a good day.

“So heavy-hearted with all the changes that needed to be made, but so excited about how you… God are making me more like you…”

In those pages of changes God helped me make everyday gratitude a priority that day.  This morning and most mornings now gratitude is a habit instead of an after thought.  My heart is less heavy with but more joy-filled because of the choices I made….yesterday.

I have overcome many things in the past year but one thing continues, I have a constant priority of prayer.  Because of letting my life be defined by a single habit, it helps every day be a good day.

I don’t want to say that change is easy.  It’s not.  But when you make changes God’s way, HE makes them easy.  Yesterday, I thought about the statement that I have posted on the walls of my heart.  Today is good day to have a good day.  We all have a choice to choose to step toward change.  

Today can go forward or backward.  So what is your choice today?

The fact remains our choices matter and shape our attitudes and motivations.  One thing about changes, is that they become contagious and soon you have the domino effect in other areas of your life.  Sure, there are days when it feels like you aren’t doing much but don’t discount small beginnings, don’t think a tiny step forward is nothing.  A step forward is a step away from where you were.

Keep moving, keep climbing, stay the course, and keep your eyes on the prize.  Let change start with you and see how contagious it can be.  The results are worth it.  You may not see the difference right now, but if you are good with today, your tomorrows are better if you tried your best today.

Let today be your day to have a good day.  Just being grateful for all the good over bad will change you.  I promise!

Photo credit by Paul Chausa


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