When you are waiting on God to fill in the blank spaces of dreams

God is teaching me freedom in seeking His dream for me.  Yup, I just put that out there.  God dreams for us too.

This is a beautiful telling of how God can create freedom in your dreams too.  You see, God has plans for you.  Big plans, grand plans, and plans to do amazing things through you as well in as in you.  You were designed with a purpose.  Some of you know well your purpose driven life course.  Some of you are still trying figure out what you are made of, some of you have no clue what what God is planning for you, and some of you are just confounded with a vision that God has laid before you.

If you fit in any of these categories, please feel free to lift your right hand in agreement right now.

I’ve been there too.  There are days that I have given up on thinking that God is working on my behalf in the first place. Then I quickly lose faith in my lack of evidence of seeing His plan in place.  Then I quickly lose a grip on His promises.  Next, I quickly lose sight of who He is.  Then I soon lose.  Period.

And there you have it, I’m bound by fear and doubt that God has even thought of me, ever.  Now will you raise your hand if you have been to this place?

I’m just being real here.  In just a few words, in just a few thoughts, in just a few doubts we quickly spiral to a lonely child who has been smitten with doubt over what she believes God is up to and what His words say to us.

In a matter of moments, we quickly give up when don’t see our prayers activated towards our dreams.  News flash:  God is not in the business of instant dreams come true.  That would be too easy for us, and then we would become self-reliant and prideful, arrogant and full of ourselves and claim that we made our dreams become a reality.

Being self-sufficient is a place I never want to be.  Does anyone besides me see that we need freedom from doubt and the lies that bind us about trusting in God for His greater good on our behalf?

I liken God’s plans a little like a fallen purple angel food cake freshly baked in high altitude.  Let me explain.  Every year as a child we got to choose our own birthday cake flavor to make the day so much more about all our favorites.  My cake of choice is always and still is a white angel food cake with rainbow colored sprinkles baked inside.  I remember celebrating many birthdays with that kind of cake and just the smell of it cooking in the oven brings back so many celebratory moments.

One year my daughter, who lives in Denver, wanted to make me a birthday cake.  She knew just what cake to buy at the store.  She went expecting to find the cake of choice but only found a plain angel food cake mix.  “That’s ok,” she thought.  She had some rainbow sprinkles at home that she could use.  I trusted the results of cake to her hands.

When it was time for the cake to come out of the oven, it was purple, not white.  It was fallen, like a anvil had smashed the “meat” of the cake batter like cement instead of a fluffy, puffy, white marshmallow-melt-in-your-mouth texture.  Basically it didn’t bake out like she expected it to nor did the cake look like it was supposed to.

Needless to say it wasn’t Pinterest perfect.

She was so disappointed in the looks of the cake, she vowed to start over to make it right again.  She wanted to go to the store to get a whole new batch of birthday batter.  I reassured her that it was ok, and that it probably tasted great.  And that  even though the cake didn’t turn out like it was supposed to, it would still be great for the purpose she had baked it for.  I gave her assurance that it was okay to serve the cake like it was.  We gathered around the table and gave thanks for birthdays and then sliced the purple flat-as-pancake-angel food cake for a birthday treat.

Guess what?  Even though it didn’t look like what we expected, it tasted as delicious as we remembered it.

So it is with God’s plans for us.  They never come in a manner like we think or design, don’t come soon enough, nor do we feel equipped or prepared enough.  I’ve never anticipated the “big enough” factor either.  It’s a ideal my heart grapples with all the time.  Have you lost some hope in thinking you will even be in line for His plans?

I’ve been there too.  I once believed that because I didn’t see God’s plans for me, that he was running out of dreams for me.

I gulped hard the doubt instead of having faith in God who planted a dream inside of me.

Don’t define God’s infinite plan for you.  Let God define His definitive plans for you.

God is always working good in your behalf.  He never forgets the passions or the design he has put inside of you.  Read that again and raise your hand in “Amen”.  When we let doubt steam-roll over our hope, and it feels like all the faith inside of us has fallen flat, that we’ll never see our dreams become a reality, you have taken your hands off of His grand plan of trust and embraced doubt.  Pick yourself up right now, and dust off those crummy lies that God hasn’t designed you with a divine purpose.

God’s future for us is so big that we can’t pin our hopes on doubt, but keep our hands on hope that leads our hearts to trust God, the Plan-Giver.  Seek with a hope-filled heart, not a doubt ridden soul.

Get ready to celebrate small victories along the way!  Don’t discount small beginnings.  You only need a little faith to begin again and bring a believing hope alive.

What lies have you swallowed about God’s plans for your life?

(Photo credit:  Cindee Snider Re)


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