I would certainly hope so!

Ever asked yourself that all-consuming question?  Ever found yourself at the end of yourself and wondering if there is a light at the end of an emotional tunnel?

Where is the glimmer of hope that everyone talks about?  Is it truly something you can touch in a tangible way?

I have asked this more than once in  my lifetime.  I’ve come up with many blank pages with no answers.  But then again, there are days that I have had my hands on true hope.  It seems that it is elusive at best and shimmery at each end.

It all hinges on how hope is defined.

Here lately I’ve been trying to harness hope because I realize there is so much power in this one little word.  I’m not talking about the power of wishful thinking, but the hope of truth that comes with a true definition in an idea where there isn’t any hope at all.  A resurrection, a new glimmer of change, of a restoring resurgence of life, or a healing long time coming.

Hope defined comes in talking more about it. And conversations bring many hope elements to light.  It’s hard to capture hope in many aspects of this life.  A quick search on Google will garner many quotes of hope like this one:

Everything that is done in the world is done by hope. ~ Martin Luther

Words, feelings, spoken hope.  I would like to borrow  a phrase from one of my great heroes, Anne the maid, in the Christmas movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life”.  Maybe you know role as the maid for the main family in the story. She said through the kitchen door, after hearing George Bailey and his dad having their last conversation face to face, “I would listen if I thought I had anything worth listening to!”  She was waiting to hear hope from George.  She was waiting to hear George say it to his dad.  He said it, but I don’t know that it she heard what he was really trying to say.

Hope is always searching for the “right” answer.  Hope is always searching for something…

To those of you who speak hope and keep hope silent inside, let me encourage you to share it.  So much life and death can be spoken in the silence of the unspoken and the absence of truth.  A little bit of hope knocking on our hearts door opens so many scars and offers so much healing.

Many days I find myself lacking in the hope department.  I trace that back to my perspective of how I greet each day.  I trace the beginning of my day with the wide gamut of choices I have upon waking up.  I trace my daily options back to my continual perspective on life.  I do a lot of backtracking and tracing of hope.

All Truth leads to hope.  True hope.  The things, events, dreams, and occurrences in my days bring many opportunities to see who puts the best hope IN my day. There is a light at the end of our tunnel folks.

There’s True Hope, Jesus, at the end of every tunnel.  Will you run with perseverance to the end of your tunnel today?  I know, it’s dark and daunting, and one of the hardest things to admit openly.  Yes, we all face those times.

Even I do.  There is darkness in everyone’s tunnel of life that we deal with.  But we have a Hope “worth listening to.”  God’s hope…even though everything, every last little thing on your mind right now, seems to be unraveling, you can be hemmed by the one thing worth listening to.

God’s hope for us.

Through Christ you have come to trust in God. And you have placed your faith and hope in God because he raised Christ from the dead and gave him great glory. ~ 1 Peter 1:21

No, it won’t all work out according to our measly little plan but to know that we are a part of God’s greater plan?  There’s the hope in that!  To be a part of something bigger than ourselves, or beyond our abilities?  Great hope!

Whoa, that’s big, that’s awesome, that’s life-changing hope.  That’s hope at it’s finest and most powerful.  When it comes to chasing truth, friends, I am all over it.  Everyday my faith journey is filled with hope.  So what goes wrong on those days when I feel like I don’t have much hope?

I take my hands off of God’s hope and put them around my own self-defined, small idea of the word.  Have you lost hope?  Have you let go of a resolution already?  Have you given up on yourself?  Perhaps….you just need an extra dose of hope right now.

Hope is a place of healing, I have found a significant amount of hope that anchors my soul in Jesus.  There are many days I have a lot of options to choose fear, anger, hopelessness, and despair.  Please don’t judge me.  I have a deep faith, but that doesn’t mean I don’t wrestle with the same emotions that you do.

Everyday is full of choices and I shall not list them all here.  But we can choose hope, life and grace just like the next person.  I choose it just like you have to.  And there are many days I don’t want to choose it, but God calls me to give grace as I have been given.

So I choose to listen to hope, over the circumstances around me.

Oh wouldn’t it be easier to choose pride, arrogance and self-pity?  Yes, those feelings are far more comfortable.  But there is something that erupts within that begs me to choose God’s hope, which helps me rise up above all of that tries to steal it away.  Hope also helps me invite more of God in my situations over the hopelessness of circumstantial evidence.

Perhaps on a Monday, when I don’t know where you are at in all of this, that maybe you just need to pray for God to invite Himself into your hopelessness, your despairing situations, those situations that are wearing on us all.

Pray, invite, wait upon the Lord, and have hope.  Hope comforts us to know that as we come to God, He will faithfully intervene with His true hope.  I have found that is the best kind of perspective that I need everyday.

Where do you need a little more of true hope to get you through?


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