Living through a word for a year

Several years ago, I adopted the practice of praying through a word for an entire year. I’ll have to admit it was just a “cool” thing to do at the time. All the other bloggers were doing it and writing about it. I had no idea what I would learn or that I would even learn what the word meant.

I hadn’t necessarily planned to share it with my friend and prayer partner but I did and by doing so she helped stay accountable in praying about the word. That practice had small faith in making big changes in my life.

My first word to pray about was “rest”. I thought by praying this word through and through that somewhere in the process God would land me on a beach somewhere on a private island, bikini-clad with a tan, so thin and the view was absolutely beautiful.

You can see that beach too can’t you?

My prayer didn’t get me to a beach but in the middle of a family crisis where I had to have great faith to trust deeper in God. I’ll never forget that year, that lesson, and my trust that rests in my God.

Why do I continue this practice of praying through a word in a year? Because God has proven himself faithful in the process of praying. The practice of prayer has become vital to me and my anchor in living.

Conversations with the Father have steadied me, shaken me, and awakened me.

One of my goals for 2015 is to pray more. I shared that with a friend yesterday and she said, “Amen!” Don’t we all need to talk to the Creator more often? Can we pray too much? I don’t believe so.

Who else cares about you like He does? Who cares about us a whole, a person, a spirit, a soul, our wholeness, like a Daddy does. There’s only One. Others say they love you, yes, but God loves you with unreciprocated love. He loves you as you are fully known. He loves you when you can’t love Him back. He loves you when you can’t love at all. He loves you when you can’t love yourself.

One thing we need to face a new year with, our past, our future and today is the love of God, as he truly gives us each day in portions that we can’t measure or calculate. God measures His love for each of us by a holy standard and by His character. You can read all about what His love does 1 Corinthians 13.

We can see all about His love for us on the cross of Calvary. There is only one thing that comes between God and us and that is His love, Jesus.

See how quickly this little post converts to a loving message to you?

I’m not here to help you keep a record of your failures. But I’m here to remind you of God who wants you to make this year a great year because His love is here waiting for you too. You can’t run out of His love for you nor come to Him with a worn out prayer.

God cares about your small beginnings, your starts, your restarts and your re-dos. He cares about your goals your, beach plans and the words you say back to Him. He cares even when He knows you are going to be careless.

He cares deeply for you and loves you so much more than you can imagine. So when you are asking “what does it matter about goals?” Well it doesn’t really matter about having specific ones. Your goals might be small or too big to wrap your heart around them. But just think about this…this might be the very year you experience God in a new fresh way, perhaps with a prayer.

Asking God never leaves you empty or void, but full of new things that will blow your mind. He’s waiting for you in 2015.

Oh and this year’s word for me? Vision. I can’t help but let my head be lifted over that word.

What small beginning have you placed in your heart?



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