Here is the day you’ve prayed for

At last, the day you’ve prayed for.  Your chance to do over,  to renew a promise to yourself, a vow to God,  maybe your family, your employer,  yourself….again. 

Shouldn’t this resolution thing feel a little more fresh and energizing?  You were hoping so, huh?  After all you have put a lot of thought into this day of beginnings.

Yesterday you were celebrating closure.  Today you dont know what to tackle first.  Its an interesting conversation with in us isn’t it?  We have to remember this us the day we pleaded God for. 

Who hasn’t been praying for a miracle?

For me I don’t resolve to do better.  I enter each day as “as one approved”, one worker presenting herself before God.   I have no need to be ashamed if I handle the word of God with righteousness and reverence.    I only show up in His courts and ask how I can love Him more today. 

That energizes my desire to do more for God.

Don’t miss this….”as one approved”.  2 Timothy 2:15 ” Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.”

Now….let’s think about resolutions. Think about how many times you have looked to improve yourself to be the best you, you can be. Why is this so important? Well you will have to answer for yourself. But most people are looking for approval in who they are. They give of themselves in all flashy ways to prove something to the world around them. The end result is disappointment in the form of hurt, harm, or harassment. 

Think about how you have resolved over the years to be somebody, something, somewhere.

As one approved, means you dont have to seek approval from anything,  anyone, anywhere.  If you are God’s child and are in the center of his will you are approved.  If you are a child out of God’s will you are approved.   If you a child, adult, grandmother or 93, you are approved.

So why are you trying to prove your worth to everyone?  To anyone, to all or to yourself?  God approves you just like you are right now.

By proving your worth to the world, that action only springs you toward an inflated ego.

Where do we get the idea that we weren’t approved and have something to prove?   From shame, guilt, accusations from the enemy, pride, lust and idol worship.  God choose us before the foundations of the world as stated in Ephesians 1:4 to be approved from our day one, from our start and From before time existed.

God choose us from his approval, out of His great, deep, and inseparable love for us.   We are the ones who forget that and have to be the best at everything like we have something to prove, so that we can elevate ourselves in the world’s eyes.

Last year I put the gift of writing before God and asked him to bless it.  He says “Prepare yourself”.  I watched the numbers on this blog absolutely plummet.  I became discouraged because bloggers study the numbers and measure a writer’s success by man’s measurements.

I asked God to bless my ability to see Him in everyday life.  He took me to Africa…again.  I asked God for many things last year and prayed deeply to change my language, the voice I knew so desperately was only wanting to hear Him say I “approve of you, you are loved”.

I have heard God say “I approve of you, you are loved, by My love for you are pre-approved.”

I dont know what your are praying for in this new year,  or pleading God for today. I don’t know what or who your are looking to be approved by. I don’t know but God does and he wants you to know that your are pre-approved and loved deeply from the get go.

Yes, you too, from your start, into the deep parts of your heart where desperation lies still and is looking for a God love-pat.  Let this be the best year of your life as you see HIS pre-approved love shown in your life.  Perhaps that’s a good place to start anew is asking for God to show how he loves you today. You might resolve to be the best you can be for your Maker.

What goals do you have for 2015?



2 thoughts on “Here is the day you’ve prayed for

  1. Love, love, love how you pour yourself into each blog and inspire others to search their own hearts to allow God to love them a little deeper. Cause we are waiting for God to come closer but remove our walls, open our closed doors to let Him in. As you said “pre-approved!”


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