The one thing that changed my life

Some of you dread this time of year.  It’s about this time that the post-Christmas excitement starts to wane and all that’s left is to put away the decorations.  We have bounced around some New Year’s resolutions and have procrastinated even writing those down.  We are still trying to get caught up from the last week.

Funny how time rules our lives and happiness.  Funny how the word “change” brings fear and dread into our thinking.  I have made many changes this past year with my word for 2014 was “freedom.”  You can’t look at living free unless you are willing to change your life.

We are so bound by the world, it’s time timetable, it’s schedule, our choices and the fears that plague us.

Why do we dread this most wonderful time of year?  It forces me to look at where I still need to change.  God has a lot of work to do.  But I am making progress.  The changes can be overwhelming for sure, but I tend to look at changes positively now instead of dreading the work involved in changing.

Change number one was to look at change differently, as a positive instead of a negative.

The biggest change I made was that I stopped reading the Bible in a year.

That’s right, you read that correctly.  I stopped reading the Bible to just be involved in the latest Bible plan but started reading it verse by verse.  Re-reading and praying over it day after day.  I started to study the Bible instead of just reading words on  page and then posting what I read on Facebook.

I started to study God through His words to me and let His words study  me.

That one change has changed my life.  Now change isn’t met with dread.  I believe that if the Holy Spirit prompted someone to write down wisdom for me to read then it must be wisdom that I need to live by.  I want to live a godly, pure life and there are many that have done that before me, I’m taking their experience as truth.  They made mistakes too, but God used them to make a difference in many lives.

Letting the Bible study me has changed me to have a more heavenly perspective.   Being led by the comfort and truth I find in the lives of others is encouraging to me.  Reading the struggles with being human propels me to carry on.  Learning a holy way of living inspires me to have hope.  God’s love letter to me has saved my sanity.

Yes, I tend to get a bit dramatic when it comes to love.  God’s love is serious and furious and intense.  When I think about how God’s love moves mountains to come as a small baby with an eternal purpose, to save me, to encourage me, and to help me, that’s life-changing!  God’s unchanging love continues to change me towards home and draws me near Him as He changes me from one degree of holy to another.

Being holy isn’t perfect, it’s being set apart, devoted and consecrated for God to do amazing things in us and through us.  Changes God’s way are good, always for our best, and work in His timing.

What one change has made a big difference in your life?  Tell me…I’m encouraged when you share too!


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