What I have in common with a giraffe

There’s a child’s book that speaks to me every time I read it. It’s about a giraffe named Gerald who dreams of dancing with the other animals in the jungle.

Oh my, how Gerald has the desire to dance and be like the others.  Gerald doesn’t really have dancing dreams of grand and great, necessarily, he just wants to dance. His knees are crooked and his legs are thin, and all the other animals mock him when he approaches the dance floor at the annual Jungle Dance.  All his jungle friends sneer and call him weird. He doesn’t have the beat, the sway or the swag like his fellow jungle swingers, like the chimps, the rhinos or the warthogs.

Gerald is just looking for his rhythm, his place, his niche, his dancing legs among all the other jungle dancers.    He took lessons, he studied others moves, he longingly dreamed of owning his unique sway and style. One day, an unlikely source of encouragement came from an a cricket who came at just the right time.  The cricket showed one glum giraffe that those who are different “just need a different song.”

Gerald wanted to have a different beat, a unique style all his own and pace his steps to the beat of his own design.   Gerald took the cricket’s advice.  He went to his own little jungle corner and danced to the beat of his inner design and just danced.  Soon Gerald was prancing and sashaying and boogying to moon music (with a cricket accompanist).  The jungle crowd came to watch Gerald in amazement and recognized that indeed he could dance after all.

All he needed was his own little space be brave and bold.  Gerald found his rhythm to dance while dancing.

How many of you are looking for your purpose?  Your inner design that makes you wish you were dancing free in the middle of the jungle without a care in the world?  Dancing like no one was watching?

What Gerald showed me was that you have to have courage to seek what your purpose is.  As a writer I have been looking for my voice for years. I finally learned how to dance like I am designed to dance.  And it feels good, right and awesome.

I don’t care who’s watching.  I’m writing to the beat of my design and my Designer.  I have been created for this and God has said it’s a good work.  But wait you say, this is a new thing, this blog?

Yes, it is but what I have learned is that I can’t dance without Him taking the lead.  Since my steps have already been determined, there’s no fear in the size or direction this will take.  The size of this place doesn’t matter but the confidence I have in God to make a place for my dancing does.

All the jungle’s got the beat, but Gerald the giraffe has four left feet.  Until he found his courage to brave the jungle with his own moves, he didn’t know what he was capable of. We are all looking for our place in this world.  When we find the place we’re were meant to be, we can discover more about ourselves than we every thought possible.

But the search for purpose sometimes leads to unexpected places.  You never know were the journey will take you when it begins with God. There has be a time when you decide to own your dance, your voice, your story.  If you don’t decide to grip the design that God has for you, then fear will always get the best of your courage and tell you can’t, won’t, or shouldn’t.

Fear dances around you while others appear dancing perfectly.  Their moves are smooth and fluid, flowing and practiced.  It appears they have been dancing all of their lives but they have only just begun. Ever wonder how dancers get their start?  They dance.  How did Gerald get his start?  It wasn’t by being a jungle wallflower waiting for someone to invite him to dance.

No, Gerald just started.  He took action on his confidence and simply danced to the beat in his heart.  All the jungle friends gathered and watched and stood in amazement that he could dance after all.

Dancing takes courage, dancing takes skill, but you will never learn how until you step and find out what you are made of.  To create takes guts, it’s risky and it’s hard.  It’s never to late to be what you might have been.

What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies with us.

Life isn’t about finding yourself, but rather more about overcoming yourself to let the awesome design placed inside of you out.  It’s never too late to discover awesome, nor write or tell about it.  It’s a story that we like to hear over and over.

Dance till you find your voice, write until you right your voice, dream until you see awesome.  It’s not the size of your dream but rather WHO you look to fulfill your dreams, who you turn to for confidence that sticks.

Confidence in God matters.

Keep on dancing friends.  If this blog has helped you in one small way, will you dance along with me and follow this new grace?  It would mean a lot to me to have company as we discover awesome stuff together.


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