There’s a process in becoming

I love the golden Aspen trees that dot the hillsides in the mountains of Colorado.  They are brilliantly singing change that’s in the air.  Snow soon floats nicely stacked and packed on the slopes.  All of the Rocky Mountain landscape will exhale a long breath of rest.  The leaves drop to litter nature’s floor and change wafts high in the atmosphere winter is here.  Barks become stark stalks on hilly slopes for one purpose, one accord, unity and rest.  They cure for the winter in due process ticking through the cycle of life.  Come spring they morph rest into an explosion of spikes of all things green, wispy and waving fun.  Waving life at all who take time to watch the glint of sun on their shiny new leaves.

The Aspens know a secret we like to forget.  They know that change is good, and it gives rest, plus it refreshes their purpose in being planted on the hillside.  They don’t fight it, it is a way of life for them, and they embrace or even anticipate the beauty they are a part of in each season.

We need to talk to the Aspen trees more often.  We need to embrace change like the trees.  Now before you think I’ve gone all crazy and want to save and hug every tree known to man….please hear me in my language change.

I used to hate change.  Oh…I caught you thinking the same thing huh?  Does anyone really love change?  Come one…no we don’t.  We dread it like death, taxes and watching soap operas on TV.  We hate it because we don’t let God truly change us, morph us into His beauties and we don’t embrace the imperfections we have allowed to rule our lives.  We don’t like change because it involves hard work, sweat and hurts.  It threatens our comfort level and shakes us up to ask “where is my security?” or rather this hard question, “Who am I looking to for security?”

We use becoming a lot in our language these days.  It’s a new fancy cleaned up version of a old worn-out, weary and certainly tired word that we don’t like to embrace.


Just the mere mention of this six-letter word brings all kinds of negative, hurtful, and resentful connotations in our worlds.  Let’s be honest shall we?  If we liked change, and embraced changes that truly help us to be a better people, we would be better people.

There would be less stress in our lives.

There would be less chaos in this world.

We wouldn’t hurt as we have been hurt.

We would live in safety and security everywhere, everyday.

We would love better and longer.

We would find true joy and happiness.

And there would be the all inclusive peace that would dwell among men.

We would stick with the process of change if we could understand what we really needed to fix in our wrong lives.  If we could only fix ourselves, our worlds would be oh so much full of joy and happiness.  If only…

I know…now you are starting to sweat a little.  Me too.

Becoming grace is a process, it’s a process of cures and practices and changes.  And it hurts, cuts deep and opens a lot of old wounds that have been scarred over for years.  We have to deal with years of unmet expectations, years of hopes and dashed human well-wishes, years of where our dreams collide with disappointments, many un-cried tears and leave us full of empty.

What a depressing place change can be.  Change is certainly full of unanswered questions that beg the wisdom we all seek on a daily basis.  If we can’t know what we are doing at least we can pretend in front of others we know what we are doing.  For some reason it seems better in our minds, these changes or new year’s resolutions we try to rise above each and every January of the next calender year.  We try to change but we don’t really want to change because we find security in the way we are right now.

Death is so sure and becoming “who” is so unknown.

I’ll let that little nugget float on your heart for a spell.  Becoming who….since we are friends now and we are being honest, let’s just speak the question you are repeating back to yourself right now.  “Who I am I?” and this one “Does anyone care?”

We are all looking for safety, security, and identity.  We are all looking for that place, our niche, our little corner of the world where we can stand loud and proud and say…”I am somebody!”  “I accomplished this!”  “Look at me.”  You may not want to admit it but Facebook and Instagram are full of the “me” mentality.

Let me be frank with you…this world doesn’t revolve around you, nor is it about you.  Now I know that might fall a bit harsh on your screen right now but I don’t think we say this often enough.  Our safety is not about what we accomplish, what our hands produce, what our titles say we are, how many things we have built, or how many dollar signs our bank or financial investors say we are worth.

It doesn’t matter how much you weigh or don’t weigh or how much hair you lost in your bathroom sink this morning either.

It’s not about you.  It’s about the God who made you.  Somewhere along the way we forget that in our lives.  I don’t know how we got to the false place of security, in which, it only takes a couple of jet liners propelling into two tall towers to get us to humble ourselves before a mighty God who has held us securely in His loving arms all along.

I don’t remember stepping out of His circle of security but I did at some point.  Change brings us back to our knees to see who this world is all about.  And change is a process, a cure for what the world really longs for.

Change is the cure, the cure is in the process.  Our cure is in our becoming.

Change is hard, long and seems hopeless but it’s worth fighting for when a Perfect Love is the designer of change.  It’s worth fighting to the death over like righteousness, justice and freedom.  Your changes are worth dying for, at least Jesus thought so.  He became fully human and full of divinity to think less of himself and more about us, that He lowered to our standards, so that HE could take our disgusting sin upon His shameless shoulders.

Our Cure came to us to change us.

Your sin, your hiccups, hangups, and hurts have been changed through the power of Jesus’ blood so that you could become God’s righteousness.  Think about how the Devil doesn’t want you to remember that.  That’s why he keeps bringing your shame, guilt and accusations into your mind.

Salvation isn’t just the end of His cure, it’s the start of your becoming by His change. Part of change or becoming is thinking you can change.  We certainly can make God’s changes because we have within us the power that resiliently changes us daily, constantly, once we submit to it. For those who believe in the power of the Holy Spirit, we can make any change that is before us.

Maybe you feel a little defeated and overwhelmed as you are already thinking about the changes you want to make come Jan. 1.  One thing to remember is that we are fighting back against change that the enemy doesn’t want you to remember.

Don’t give up on the process of change, of your becoming.  It’s long and arduous, tenacious and tenuous but oh so complete when we make changes God’s way.  His becoming in us is a beautiful process that really does look good in us and on our faces.

The life lessons we learn in the struggles are worth the complete love that we find at the end of ourselves.  His becoming is never accusatory or full of shame or guilt.  He’s not keeping a naughty list either, He never keeps a list of wrongs.  It’s the safety net and secure place your heart is longing for.  Our souls are hungry for it, we need a safe refuge from this rough world.

So let me whisper this little truth into your ear…we can rest in the becoming grace of God.  It’s a process, trust the process because He is our Remedy.

We need it and God has the cure.  Our becoming is a great place to start.

So start….come along with me…I like company.


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