This place of grace

It’s all His stage…He knows my name.

This place is a vulnerable place for me.  If you watched the video that is posted in this blog, you will know a bit more about me.  My story isn’t exactly like all of these women, but I connect with different parts of them to make a collective puzzled picture of God’s redeeming grace from my past.  I am on my way to His becoming.  This is a place is of His becoming and the process of letting His grace become me.

God’s grace is a beautiful thing.  What I am grateful for is that He knows my name when I couldn’t see pretty in me, when I couldn’t see beautiful in me and when I was lost in me.  I was so blind that I couldn’t see me as God saw me.

I am not “her” anymore.  I am becoming God’s grace and God’s grace is alive in me by His righteousness that knows me and knows my name.  The grace theme of my life now is that I will receive all of God’s becoming.  I am using the word becoming as an action word that means that I come alongside Christ to see His grace in my life.

His grace calls me chosen, free, forgiven, held and treasured.  I am loved.  His grace changes and liberates me to live as free daughter of the King.  His grace is becoming, so lovely when we live free in the middle of it and we are becoming Christ-like by the grace He so freely gives.

When we encounter Jesus, may we receive the grace that only He can give, so complete, full and most certainly beautiful.  Think about your encounters with others.  Are they filled with the same measure of grace that you have received from the Grace-giver?  His grace speaks Love, show us our true identity and gives us a greater purpose.

We are woven by His divine design into His image and we are free, forgiven, and forever changed.  My how becoming grace looks!

“For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to the yoke of slavery.”  Galations 5:1

Recently, God confirmed my purpose for writing to you.  I am a devoted writer who thrives on His Holy and inspired Word, as it is revealed to me through the Holy Spirit.  I needed a new blog site to throw off my troubled past, so that I can live as a free, unhindered writer and run with purpose as God has laid it before me.  The old blog site was connected to many negative feelings.  I have grown so much in my voice, God’s voice is alive in me and it’s so strong in me that moving to this new place seemed the right place to be.

Oh Holy Spirit have a newer, deeper way in me.

I am celebrating the NEW thing that God is doing in me and overcoming the negative feelings that my past tries to throw at me.  I am keeping in step with the Holy Spirit who leads the way in this becoming grace journey.  Step by step praying that this new place of grace shines God’s reflecting light of the beauty that he has given to me.

Welcome to your becoming grace place too.  Pull up a chair and let me serve you some coffee just the way you like it.  When we discover God’s grace in our own lovely way, it’s always a place of rest, peace, joy and most certainly beauty.


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