The one thing that changed my life

Some of you dread this time of year.  It’s about this time that the post-Christmas excitement starts to wane and all that’s left is to put away the decorations.  We have bounced around some New Year’s resolutions and have procrastinated even writing those down.  We are still trying to get caught up from the last week.

Funny how time rules our lives and happiness.  Funny how the word “change” brings fear and dread into our thinking.  I have made many changes this past year with my word for 2014 was “freedom.”  You can’t look at living free unless you are willing to change your life.

We are so bound by the world, it’s time timetable, it’s schedule, our choices and the fears that plague us.

Why do we dread this most wonderful time of year?  It forces me to look at where I still need to change.  God has a lot of work to do.  But I am making progress.  The changes can be overwhelming for sure, but I tend to look at changes positively now instead of dreading the work involved in changing.

Change number one was to look at change differently, as a positive instead of a negative.

The biggest change I made was that I stopped reading the Bible in a year.

That’s right, you read that correctly.  I stopped reading the Bible to just be involved in the latest Bible plan but started reading it verse by verse.  Re-reading and praying over it day after day.  I started to study the Bible instead of just reading words on  page and then posting what I read on Facebook.

I started to study God through His words to me and let His words study  me.

That one change has changed my life.  Now change isn’t met with dread.  I believe that if the Holy Spirit prompted someone to write down wisdom for me to read then it must be wisdom that I need to live by.  I want to live a godly, pure life and there are many that have done that before me, I’m taking their experience as truth.  They made mistakes too, but God used them to make a difference in many lives.

Letting the Bible study me has changed me to have a more heavenly perspective.   Being led by the comfort and truth I find in the lives of others is encouraging to me.  Reading the struggles with being human propels me to carry on.  Learning a holy way of living inspires me to have hope.  God’s love letter to me has saved my sanity.

Yes, I tend to get a bit dramatic when it comes to love.  God’s love is serious and furious and intense.  When I think about how God’s love moves mountains to come as a small baby with an eternal purpose, to save me, to encourage me, and to help me, that’s life-changing!  God’s unchanging love continues to change me towards home and draws me near Him as He changes me from one degree of holy to another.

Being holy isn’t perfect, it’s being set apart, devoted and consecrated for God to do amazing things in us and through us.  Changes God’s way are good, always for our best, and work in His timing.

What one change has made a big difference in your life?  Tell me…I’m encouraged when you share too!

A million voices

In preparation for my trip to Africa, I picked up a package of earplugs to help block out the noise on the 15-hour round trip plane ride.  I used them but they didn’t completely cancel the snoring from the dude next to me.  It did soften the baby’s cry from five rows back though. More importantly, it helped me focus on what I was reading.

The earplugs helped block out the noise around me so I could read intently.

One thing I battle on a daily basis is listening well.  I can hear you talking but often miss the point of the conversation because in my mind I am preparing my defense.  God is changing my way of thinking from an defensive position to an offensive position and that comes from listening well to His voice.

In my growing and seeking of this year, I have come to learn the art of listening and learning to listen well.  It’s mind altering when you change positions on thinking in an godly offense position from my human nature line of defense.  It also changes the way I think about what and how I am listening.

Have you often wondered if you are hearing voices?  No, I’m not crazy but the world offers a million voices of distraction in so many areas of our lives.  Those distractions only prepare us to be offensive and prideful with others instead of loving and kind with each other.  Listening well is an act of love that speaks volumes to your spouse, your significant other, your family, your friends, your community, co-workers, etc.

As long as we are listening to what the world tells us on how to dress, how to work towards success, and be less that what we are created then we will never hear what God says about all of this.  How do we block out the world’s offenses towards us and listen well to what God says to us?  There are million ways but I will explain a few ways that have made a big difference in my life.

We have to still our hearts and wills in submission to God’s way of listening to hear His instructions on how to live this life in front of us.  I have fallen prey to the hisses of the enemy far too long, and much too often.  God is so good to speak to us in ways that we need, but we often miss His voice because we are looking for a big flashy neon burning bush.

God doesn’t have to talk to us but He chooses to speak to us through the Holy Spirit’s comforting words to us.  Many times He uses the encouragement of our friends to help with saying what He wants us to hear.  Sometimes He speaks through His creation.  And certainly not the least way, He speaks through His words that have already been written, His Word that has inspired us for centuries.

What God has been teaching me in the listening is the obedience in what I hear Him saying.  God will often tell us things that only make sense to us.  But we shouldn’t let it stop us from speaking right things to others and obey the righteousness He wants to bring out in us.

We can never stop obeying and listening and learning.  Once we understand the position of God in which God speaks to us, it is easy to do what He has asked us to do.  We are not His children in trouble when He comes calling our name, but He is our loving Daddy that just wants to spend time with us.  Did you know that God isn’t looking at your sin when you come to Him?

He already knows about that.  No, He sees you as righteous.

He doesn’t keep a record of your wrongs.  “What sin?”, God says.  He’s forgotten about that one the first time you said you were sorry.  You admitted you wanted to change, so why did you back to listening to the distraction that has you agreeing with the enemy?

We have selective hearing don’t we?

God is a God of His Word.  His word is truth, and life, and love.  So when He speaks it’s from His heart of love that He wants to teach you and show you great and mighty things.

Isn’t it time you let your ego out of the way and listen better?  There’s no position to defend except the one of His mercy.  God’s grace is the best offense we can wrap our ears around.

Grace doesn’t give cause to straying regularly but gives the reason to cancel distractions continually.

I don’t know why I am sharing all this except I know there is one person who needs to be reminded of how God listens to us.  Our words to Him are met with His heart of love, and translated by His loving Spirit, so that He truly hears what our hearts are saying.  When I think about how God listens to me, so intently and patiently, that changes the words I am saying to Him.

My words to God change the way I speak to others and the way I listen.  I am listening long and well and for the heart between your words.

Watch out world, when a noble woman has something to say, truth speaks for itself.  God’s truth is powerful, moving and when it is said with a heart of love, will be met by those who are listening intently for the love that is spoken.

As God is speaking words that I listen to, it hones my hearing to the movement of the Holy Spirit’s voice in my life.  I’ll admit that I have missed His voice in my life, but the opportunities of obeying His voice now are increasing.  In the fine tuning of my listening, His Voice is amplifying.  As if it’s a supernatural hearing shouts over my sin tone deafness.

God’s tone of Love speaks softly and His message never misses a beat.  What distracts you these days?  What voices are you listening to?  What nudging from the Holy Spirit do you need to hear better?

What mountain climbers do

I talk about dreaming a lot.  If you were honest with yourself, you would admit that you do it too. We like to escape to those places where we can escape from our current thinking. We all need a place for our hearts to wander.

Something I’ve put towards my dreams are the words in prayer about dreams. I activate those prayers about dreams by putting energy into them. Any dream worth doing takes work. Any dream worth having takes prayer. Every dream takes action.

All dreams deserve a start. We need to pray more don’t we? We need to activate our desires of our heart with more prayer.

The price of a dream can be costly and it will cost you something. The vision of a goal requires work. To become something in life you have to have an idea, a drive, with an end result to focus on, plus a willing spirit to put the work into accomplishing your goals.

No one loses 132 lbs of weight overnight. Nor do you gain big successes by dreaming.

Goals should be set to improve yourself, and dreams play a big part in improving your quality of life. We can’t escape ourselves unless we are willing to change ourselves to get to the next dream, the next goal, the next place in life.

Dreaming can connect the dots of your past with a hope-filled future.

What do dreamers do? We start. We start dancing to the inner design that we know and love about ourselves. We change to put in the work, we move to the beat of our creative selves. We set our goals to progress towards a dream. We roll up our sleeves.

What do mountain climbers do?  They plan, they train, they climb, they practice, they practice climbing.

Dreaming and mountain climbers have a lot in common.  We sweat.

It’s a growing cycle, hard and sometimes arduous, a lot of energy goes into climbing in your dreams.  There is a great gain in the efforts put towards the dirve that lies inside. Dreaming requires a discovery of what you are made of.  I love digging into and finding out how things work, what makes things tick.

Climbing is moving forward in confidence by what you determined your mind to achieve.

I love to dream. It keeps my heart gullible. Not in the sense that I believe everything that I read or hear, but resulting in a teachable spirit, a washable will, a willing drive, and giving a flexible hope.

It keeps me pliable and trainable, like an Olympic gymnast. It keeps me growing and searching, it keeps me humble and reverent, it keeps me looking for the sunrise and the sunsets. It keeps me sane.

It keeps me in wandering and in wonder and awe of my Creator.

Don’t we all want to just live out our days in peace?  There’s great worth in living in peace instead of conflict. To gain more love instead of starting more wars. There is a great price to learning, gaining, and giving.

Dreamers know they will never arrive, but oh the fun is in the trying.  There will always be the next summit to overcome.  We do accomplish goals. There is a lot of teaching that comes with dreaming and a lot of dreaming needs teaching. I often call this a trying process, but it’s really a refining process. We are created to do many things but when it comes to dreaming we have to set our eyes on the one prize that makes our hearts sing.

So what is your dream today?

As you look to your goals for the new year, what can you do to make 2015 different? Perhaps you need to change directions. Maybe you need to start again. Maybe you need to give yourself permission to dream.

Perhaps you need to pray more. Perhaps you need to activate a dream.

Perhaps you just need to tweak your dream to feed it life and love, helping it alive and active. Maybe you need to put faith to your dream and leap. I activated my dreams, fueled them with more more prayer and laid them before God who turned them around for me. His permission to dream has given activation to my dreams.

Maybe you need to gear up and start.  Find out what I have in common with a giraffe.

I’m learning to give my dreams to God who put them there. As one who creates, I want to ask my Creator what it is that He wants me to do. You know what He said?  “Follow Me.”

To do what God wants you to do in this life, you have to ask God where He wants you to go.

Notice I said God with a capital “g”. There are so many little “g” or godlike dreams that only fool you into following them.  I don’t have any time to follow the god of pride or false, shallow hopes that will lead me astray.

It’s not about what you are leaving behind but about Who you are following.

A prayer I’ve always found that God answers “yes” to is the one where I need directions on.

This will soon be a site of memories. God has birthed a new stirring in me that has been a long time coming. It’s not that I want to leave you behind though, I want to take you with me. It would mean a lot to have company in this new free place that God has uncovered. I’ll explain as we go, but since time is short just follow this blog.  It will indeed be a journey worth gearing up for.

And then you need to challenge yourself to dream.

Oh…how our hearts love to discover, and how we seek to learn more about what makes us tick, what pricks our hearts and what sticks to our insides. It’s not always about the end result but about the journey. There’s a process in-between, changes that dreaming brings, and the new horizons we see when we are led by love and joy.  There’s always a summit to reach with our Good Shepherd as our Guide.

Gear up!  Gather your patience, stamina, drive, mental fortitude and strong will-power into your dream lexicon and let’s go!

I’m fed up with the world’s buffet. I’m ready to scoot myself up to the table of God’s blessings and feast. Feast with me…you’re invited to the grown up table too!

Happy New Year blessings! What are you dreaming for?

What I have in common with a giraffe

There’s a child’s book that speaks to me every time I read it. It’s about a giraffe named Gerald who dreams of dancing with the other animals in the jungle.

Oh my, how Gerald has the desire to dance and be like the others.  Gerald doesn’t really have dancing dreams of grand and great, necessarily, he just wants to dance. His knees are crooked and his legs are thin, and all the other animals mock him when he approaches the dance floor at the annual Jungle Dance.  All his jungle friends sneer and call him weird. He doesn’t have the beat, the sway or the swag like his fellow jungle swingers, like the chimps, the rhinos or the warthogs.

Gerald is just looking for his rhythm, his place, his niche, his dancing legs among all the other jungle dancers.    He took lessons, he studied others moves, he longingly dreamed of owning his unique sway and style. One day, an unlikely source of encouragement came from an a cricket who came at just the right time.  The cricket showed one glum giraffe that those who are different “just need a different song.”

Gerald wanted to have a different beat, a unique style all his own and pace his steps to the beat of his own design.   Gerald took the cricket’s advice.  He went to his own little jungle corner and danced to the beat of his inner design and just danced.  Soon Gerald was prancing and sashaying and boogying to moon music (with a cricket accompanist).  The jungle crowd came to watch Gerald in amazement and recognized that indeed he could dance after all.

All he needed was his own little space be brave and bold.  Gerald found his rhythm to dance while dancing.

How many of you are looking for your purpose?  Your inner design that makes you wish you were dancing free in the middle of the jungle without a care in the world?  Dancing like no one was watching?

What Gerald showed me was that you have to have courage to seek what your purpose is.  As a writer I have been looking for my voice for years. I finally learned how to dance like I am designed to dance.  And it feels good, right and awesome.

I don’t care who’s watching.  I’m writing to the beat of my design and my Designer.  I have been created for this and God has said it’s a good work.  But wait you say, this is a new thing, this blog?

Yes, it is but what I have learned is that I can’t dance without Him taking the lead.  Since my steps have already been determined, there’s no fear in the size or direction this will take.  The size of this place doesn’t matter but the confidence I have in God to make a place for my dancing does.

All the jungle’s got the beat, but Gerald the giraffe has four left feet.  Until he found his courage to brave the jungle with his own moves, he didn’t know what he was capable of. We are all looking for our place in this world.  When we find the place we’re were meant to be, we can discover more about ourselves than we every thought possible.

But the search for purpose sometimes leads to unexpected places.  You never know were the journey will take you when it begins with God. There has be a time when you decide to own your dance, your voice, your story.  If you don’t decide to grip the design that God has for you, then fear will always get the best of your courage and tell you can’t, won’t, or shouldn’t.

Fear dances around you while others appear dancing perfectly.  Their moves are smooth and fluid, flowing and practiced.  It appears they have been dancing all of their lives but they have only just begun. Ever wonder how dancers get their start?  They dance.  How did Gerald get his start?  It wasn’t by being a jungle wallflower waiting for someone to invite him to dance.

No, Gerald just started.  He took action on his confidence and simply danced to the beat in his heart.  All the jungle friends gathered and watched and stood in amazement that he could dance after all.

Dancing takes courage, dancing takes skill, but you will never learn how until you step and find out what you are made of.  To create takes guts, it’s risky and it’s hard.  It’s never to late to be what you might have been.

What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies with us.

Life isn’t about finding yourself, but rather more about overcoming yourself to let the awesome design placed inside of you out.  It’s never too late to discover awesome, nor write or tell about it.  It’s a story that we like to hear over and over.

Dance till you find your voice, write until you right your voice, dream until you see awesome.  It’s not the size of your dream but rather WHO you look to fulfill your dreams, who you turn to for confidence that sticks.

Confidence in God matters.

Keep on dancing friends.  If this blog has helped you in one small way, will you dance along with me and follow this new grace?  It would mean a lot to me to have company as we discover awesome stuff together.

Here’s to finding refuge

As a child I would run to my “safe place” often.  It was on my quilt-covered bed where I had many private conversations with my imaginary friend.  It was a place where I poured out my little girl heart with a big imagination.  I really found a lot of comfort there until I grew up and turned to food for what I was looking for.

We look for love and comfort in all the wrong places as a child.

This refuge was a place that gave me a false sense of security I craved.  O…to be young and ten again.  My little imaginary friend was a specific spot on the wallpaper near my bed.  I had many conversations of how I was treated as a chubby school girl on the play ground.  I was picked last, picked on, and picked invisible in the classroom of life.

I wanted to disappear as the target of harmful words.  How many of you are still singing this childhood ditty to make your ego feel better?

“Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

Yeah, I me too.

When I came home from the playground hurting, my compassion came from my imaginary understanding little friend who held my hand, cried the same tears and sang the same song, chorus after chorus.

It’s a shame that love is spoken so lame and comes out so clumsy.  We really need be better at speaking love to others.  I really need to be better at showing love to others.  We need God’s love to infiltrate our lives and to understand His deep love for us.  That’s where true love flows and heals the clumsy words that come from within.

As a child, I suffered many clumsy words from others, from myself, and from the silence of others.  There was some comfort in crying openly to a place that wouldn’t bark back.  As an adult I suffer many clumsy words from others, and from the silence of others.  

There’s no comfort in the absence of love.

 “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Maya Angelou

From the world of childhood pain there is a lot of invisible work that God is doing to heal those spots that still sting.  I’m gaining love when it comes to recognizing the unloving words and feelings that come out clumsy.  God’s love is proving strong.

God is my source and strength for all hurting places as my Refuge now.  When those stones and sticks are thrown my way, I have a place to lay those hurts within His grace.  It’s a process to look past the words that might be hurting deep and let them grow you.  Otherwise those hurting words will destroy you.

When words of God’s love are sown, it grows love.  When words of hurt are sown, it’s a refuge you must destroy. 

We have to remember that hurt people hurt people.  People are dealing with so much pain of various forms these days.  But I have learned that I can’t put my heart and tears into the lap of anyone else but my Refuge that catches all my clumsy words, the words I speak with love and those left unsaid.

In the silence of God’s healing place, I have heard His love song over my hurting places as child that have so needed healing.  I have become more graceful in what I say and how I show love.  I didn’t say I was perfect in this but God is perfecting this place of refuge.

We can always be more kind and graceful in showing the love of Christ.

Finding refuge in the Word is spot on when it comes to removing childhood hurts, pains, and strains our fragile self-esteem.  When you understand God’s deep love for you and you will only hear His words of affirmation and approval over you.  All those clumsy words that linger in your mind will soon fade.  It’s as if God has His hand on a giant eraser as your teacher with His hidden chalkboard.  The Holy Spirit removes the evidence of any unloving words spoken over you and wipes your memory of them from spilling out into your life.

Let God be your teacher on showing and speaking love to yourself and to others.  It’s the only safe place of refuge that hears those awkward notions that hinder and hurt.  I know…I’ve been there often.

Who hasn’t suffered hurtful words?  Let your love of Christ be evidenced in your words to others.  We all need more refuge for love spoken in us and through us.

There’s a process in becoming

I love the golden Aspen trees that dot the hillsides in the mountains of Colorado.  They are brilliantly singing change that’s in the air.  Snow soon floats nicely stacked and packed on the slopes.  All of the Rocky Mountain landscape will exhale a long breath of rest.  The leaves drop to litter nature’s floor and change wafts high in the atmosphere winter is here.  Barks become stark stalks on hilly slopes for one purpose, one accord, unity and rest.  They cure for the winter in due process ticking through the cycle of life.  Come spring they morph rest into an explosion of spikes of all things green, wispy and waving fun.  Waving life at all who take time to watch the glint of sun on their shiny new leaves.

The Aspens know a secret we like to forget.  They know that change is good, and it gives rest, plus it refreshes their purpose in being planted on the hillside.  They don’t fight it, it is a way of life for them, and they embrace or even anticipate the beauty they are a part of in each season.

We need to talk to the Aspen trees more often.  We need to embrace change like the trees.  Now before you think I’ve gone all crazy and want to save and hug every tree known to man….please hear me in my language change.

I used to hate change.  Oh…I caught you thinking the same thing huh?  Does anyone really love change?  Come one…no we don’t.  We dread it like death, taxes and watching soap operas on TV.  We hate it because we don’t let God truly change us, morph us into His beauties and we don’t embrace the imperfections we have allowed to rule our lives.  We don’t like change because it involves hard work, sweat and hurts.  It threatens our comfort level and shakes us up to ask “where is my security?” or rather this hard question, “Who am I looking to for security?”

We use becoming a lot in our language these days.  It’s a new fancy cleaned up version of a old worn-out, weary and certainly tired word that we don’t like to embrace.


Just the mere mention of this six-letter word brings all kinds of negative, hurtful, and resentful connotations in our worlds.  Let’s be honest shall we?  If we liked change, and embraced changes that truly help us to be a better people, we would be better people.

There would be less stress in our lives.

There would be less chaos in this world.

We wouldn’t hurt as we have been hurt.

We would live in safety and security everywhere, everyday.

We would love better and longer.

We would find true joy and happiness.

And there would be the all inclusive peace that would dwell among men.

We would stick with the process of change if we could understand what we really needed to fix in our wrong lives.  If we could only fix ourselves, our worlds would be oh so much full of joy and happiness.  If only…

I know…now you are starting to sweat a little.  Me too.

Becoming grace is a process, it’s a process of cures and practices and changes.  And it hurts, cuts deep and opens a lot of old wounds that have been scarred over for years.  We have to deal with years of unmet expectations, years of hopes and dashed human well-wishes, years of where our dreams collide with disappointments, many un-cried tears and leave us full of empty.

What a depressing place change can be.  Change is certainly full of unanswered questions that beg the wisdom we all seek on a daily basis.  If we can’t know what we are doing at least we can pretend in front of others we know what we are doing.  For some reason it seems better in our minds, these changes or new year’s resolutions we try to rise above each and every January of the next calender year.  We try to change but we don’t really want to change because we find security in the way we are right now.

Death is so sure and becoming “who” is so unknown.

I’ll let that little nugget float on your heart for a spell.  Becoming who….since we are friends now and we are being honest, let’s just speak the question you are repeating back to yourself right now.  “Who I am I?” and this one “Does anyone care?”

We are all looking for safety, security, and identity.  We are all looking for that place, our niche, our little corner of the world where we can stand loud and proud and say…”I am somebody!”  “I accomplished this!”  “Look at me.”  You may not want to admit it but Facebook and Instagram are full of the “me” mentality.

Let me be frank with you…this world doesn’t revolve around you, nor is it about you.  Now I know that might fall a bit harsh on your screen right now but I don’t think we say this often enough.  Our safety is not about what we accomplish, what our hands produce, what our titles say we are, how many things we have built, or how many dollar signs our bank or financial investors say we are worth.

It doesn’t matter how much you weigh or don’t weigh or how much hair you lost in your bathroom sink this morning either.

It’s not about you.  It’s about the God who made you.  Somewhere along the way we forget that in our lives.  I don’t know how we got to the false place of security, in which, it only takes a couple of jet liners propelling into two tall towers to get us to humble ourselves before a mighty God who has held us securely in His loving arms all along.

I don’t remember stepping out of His circle of security but I did at some point.  Change brings us back to our knees to see who this world is all about.  And change is a process, a cure for what the world really longs for.

Change is the cure, the cure is in the process.  Our cure is in our becoming.

Change is hard, long and seems hopeless but it’s worth fighting for when a Perfect Love is the designer of change.  It’s worth fighting to the death over like righteousness, justice and freedom.  Your changes are worth dying for, at least Jesus thought so.  He became fully human and full of divinity to think less of himself and more about us, that He lowered to our standards, so that HE could take our disgusting sin upon His shameless shoulders.

Our Cure came to us to change us.

Your sin, your hiccups, hangups, and hurts have been changed through the power of Jesus’ blood so that you could become God’s righteousness.  Think about how the Devil doesn’t want you to remember that.  That’s why he keeps bringing your shame, guilt and accusations into your mind.

Salvation isn’t just the end of His cure, it’s the start of your becoming by His change. Part of change or becoming is thinking you can change.  We certainly can make God’s changes because we have within us the power that resiliently changes us daily, constantly, once we submit to it. For those who believe in the power of the Holy Spirit, we can make any change that is before us.

Maybe you feel a little defeated and overwhelmed as you are already thinking about the changes you want to make come Jan. 1.  One thing to remember is that we are fighting back against change that the enemy doesn’t want you to remember.

Don’t give up on the process of change, of your becoming.  It’s long and arduous, tenacious and tenuous but oh so complete when we make changes God’s way.  His becoming in us is a beautiful process that really does look good in us and on our faces.

The life lessons we learn in the struggles are worth the complete love that we find at the end of ourselves.  His becoming is never accusatory or full of shame or guilt.  He’s not keeping a naughty list either, He never keeps a list of wrongs.  It’s the safety net and secure place your heart is longing for.  Our souls are hungry for it, we need a safe refuge from this rough world.

So let me whisper this little truth into your ear…we can rest in the becoming grace of God.  It’s a process, trust the process because He is our Remedy.

We need it and God has the cure.  Our becoming is a great place to start.

So start….come along with me…I like company.

This place of grace

It’s all His stage…He knows my name.

This place is a vulnerable place for me.  If you watched the video that is posted in this blog, you will know a bit more about me.  My story isn’t exactly like all of these women, but I connect with different parts of them to make a collective puzzled picture of God’s redeeming grace from my past.  I am on my way to His becoming.  This is a place is of His becoming and the process of letting His grace become me.

God’s grace is a beautiful thing.  What I am grateful for is that He knows my name when I couldn’t see pretty in me, when I couldn’t see beautiful in me and when I was lost in me.  I was so blind that I couldn’t see me as God saw me.

I am not “her” anymore.  I am becoming God’s grace and God’s grace is alive in me by His righteousness that knows me and knows my name.  The grace theme of my life now is that I will receive all of God’s becoming.  I am using the word becoming as an action word that means that I come alongside Christ to see His grace in my life.

His grace calls me chosen, free, forgiven, held and treasured.  I am loved.  His grace changes and liberates me to live as free daughter of the King.  His grace is becoming, so lovely when we live free in the middle of it and we are becoming Christ-like by the grace He so freely gives.

When we encounter Jesus, may we receive the grace that only He can give, so complete, full and most certainly beautiful.  Think about your encounters with others.  Are they filled with the same measure of grace that you have received from the Grace-giver?  His grace speaks Love, show us our true identity and gives us a greater purpose.

We are woven by His divine design into His image and we are free, forgiven, and forever changed.  My how becoming grace looks!

“For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to the yoke of slavery.”  Galations 5:1

Recently, God confirmed my purpose for writing to you.  I am a devoted writer who thrives on His Holy and inspired Word, as it is revealed to me through the Holy Spirit.  I needed a new blog site to throw off my troubled past, so that I can live as a free, unhindered writer and run with purpose as God has laid it before me.  The old blog site was connected to many negative feelings.  I have grown so much in my voice, God’s voice is alive in me and it’s so strong in me that moving to this new place seemed the right place to be.

Oh Holy Spirit have a newer, deeper way in me.

I am celebrating the NEW thing that God is doing in me and overcoming the negative feelings that my past tries to throw at me.  I am keeping in step with the Holy Spirit who leads the way in this becoming grace journey.  Step by step praying that this new place of grace shines God’s reflecting light of the beauty that he has given to me.

Welcome to your becoming grace place too.  Pull up a chair and let me serve you some coffee just the way you like it.  When we discover God’s grace in our own lovely way, it’s always a place of rest, peace, joy and most certainly beauty.